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Hiking Footwear and Blister Prevention Questions

How do I prevent blisters?
How do I prevent blisters?

I’ve Got Blisters – Now What? Any Blister Treatment Tips?
Question: “Now that I have blisters, do you have any blister treatment tips?”

Are Men’s Hiking Boots Different from Women’s Hiking Boots?
Question: “Are Men’s Hiking Boots Different from Women’s Hiking Boots? How can I tell?”

My Feet Supinate! What Hiking Boots Are Good to Prevent Supination?
Question: “My Feet Supinate! What Hiking Boots Are Good to Prevent Supination?”

Blue Superfeet Insoles Cause Problems in Gore-Tex Hiking Boots?
Question: “Do the ridges on the bottom of the Blue Superfeet insoles wear through Gore-Tex liners?

Hiking Boots for Size 11 and Size 12 Narrow Feet?
Question: “Are there any hiking boots for size 11 or 12 narrow feet?

Hiking Boots Solve Foot Pain!
Question: “I am having a lot of foot pain and problems from running shoes and work boots.”

Losing Toenails from Hiking!
Question: “The last time did a big hike I lost quite a few toe nails… any ideas?”

Are Asolo Stynger Boots Good for Slick Surfaces?
Question: “I am concerned about reviews – there are several that say BEWARE – You will fall on slick surfaces. That has me spooked.”

Heel Pain in Mountaineering Boots
Question: “My mountaineering boots are causing me heel pain and I am leaving for Mt. Rainier in a week!”

How to Lace Hiking Boots to Prevent Heel Blisters

How to Lace Hiking Boots to Prevent Heel Blisters
How to Lace Hiking Boots to Prevent Heel Blisters
Question: “I am having problems with blisters on my heels with walking (hiking) boots due to having very narrow heels.”

Blister Prevention Tips
After I sent out my most recent Hiking Lady’s Newsletter with tips on how to avoid sweaty feet and blisters, I got a few follow-up questions…

Gore-Tex Boots Ruined by Saltwater?
Question: My Gore-Tex boots are soaked with saltwater. Are they ruined?

Two Pairs of Socks or One?
Is there an advantage to wearing the toe liners plus a sock?

Mid top or low top hiking shoes?
Question: “I was looking for hiking shoes or boots for myself… ”

Are there hiking boots for narrow feet?
Question: “I have narrow feet and am having a hard time finding a pair of hiking boots that fit well. My heel slips and rides up when I hike uphill. Any suggestions?”

Looking for Narrow Cross Training Shoes!
Question: “Can you recommend cross trainers or other sneaker-type footwear in women’s narrow sizes?”

Resoling Hiking Boots?
Question: “Do you know any place that will resole Asolo Vibram soles on my hiking boots?”

Can Socks Be Too Small?
Question: “Is there such a thing a too small or tight socks? On my last hike in Austria I lost a toenail!”

Winter Walking Advice?
Question: “I am a novice hiker who just likes to go on walks and short hikes. I am afraid of slipping on ice or snow. Any winter walking tips?”

MSR Lightning Ascent 25 Snowshoes
Snowshoeing Questions?

Snowshoeing Questions

Snowshoe Advice – Which pair is best for me?
Question: “Which snowshoes should I buy?”

Snowshoe Tails
Question: “Is is better to buy 22 inch snowshoes and add tails, or buy 25 inch snowshoes?”

Snowshoeing Pants
Question: “What pants should I wear snowshoeing?”

Apparel Questions

Black hiking pants?
Question: “My daughter will be in Costa Rica to do research on turtles. She will be hiking the beaches at night during their wet season. She can only wear black, long pants and black long sleeve shirts. What black hiking pants do you recommend?”

Gear Questions

What is a good ultralight tent that is under 2 pounds?
Question: “I’m deciding between the Easton Kilo, Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1, and the Nemo Meta 1P. Help!”

Where Can I find a Size F sports bra?
Question: “Where can I find a Size F sports bra? I can’t seem to find any company that makes a sport bra for a larger chested woman.”

How Does An Average Hiker Know How Far He’s Hiked?
Question: “How does an average hiker how far he’s hiked?”

How Do I Attach My Trekking Poles to My Backpack?
Question: “Where do I store my trekking poles when I’m not using them?”

What Hiking Backpack Should I Buy?
Question: “I am going to start hiking this fall… how do I know what size backpack to buy?”

What size hiking backpack will fit me?
Question: “I am getting shoulder pain…the backpacks I’ve tried aren’t fitting on my hips properly.”

What is a good sleeping bag for kids?

What is a good sleeping bag for kids?
What is a good sleeping bag for kids?

Question: “I want to take my 8-year old daughter on a backpacking trip next summer to the Rocky Mountains, and I want to find an affordable sleeping bag…”

Does the SteriPEN pre-filter keep the Nalgene threads bacteria free?
Question: I am concerned about getting the water into the bottle, for treatment, while keeping the bottle clean (threads, etc.).

Stuff Sack Size for Sleeping Bags?
Question: “How do I know what size stuff sack to get for my sleeping bag? “

Child Carrier for Hiking?
Question: “Where can I find a Kelty Child Carrier for Hiking”

Hiking Daypack
Question: “I enjoyed your entry on the whistle, but I’ll tell you what REALLY caught my eye was the picture of the whistle on the Daypack. Do you know if they still carry one like it?”

Hiking Pants for Backpacking?
Question: “What hiking pants should I wear backpacking?”

Beginner Advice

Backpacking Solo for the First Time!
Question: “What advice and considerations would you have for a woman backpacking solo for 2-3 days?”

Primitive Camping for the First Time!
Question: “I’m 14 years old and am required to go primitive camping by end of 8th grade. I’m scared!”

New to Hiking & Car Camping: Help!
Question: “What do I need to bring?”

Hiking Lady’s Guide: Why Everyone Should Go Backpacking!

Should Women Hike Alone?
Question: “What are your thoughts about women hiking alone?”

What to take hiking and backpacking?
Question: “Do you have a hiking or backpacking checklist? What do I need to bring with me?”

Local Hiking Questions

Hiking in Zion National Park?
Hiking in Zion National Park?

Where to go backpacking in Gila Forest?
Question: “Can you recommend any 3 day backpacking loops in the Gila Forest?”

Where to go backpacking in Texas’ Palo Duro Canyon State Park?
Question: “Where can I find information on backpacking in Palo Duro Canyon State Park?”

How to find trail distances online for Camden Hills State Park in Maine?
Question: Is there a way to measure the distance of a hike on a computer?”

Hiking in Northridge, California?
Question: “I am new to Northridge, California. Any suggestions on where to hike?”

Hiking in Zion National Park?
Question: “Have you hiked in Zion? I would appreciate any information you may have to share. I even wonder how cold the water in the Narrows would be in early May.”

Traveling to Alaska’s 2 Northern National Parks?
Question: “We are most concerned about how we go about hiking in all the 8 national parks in Alaska. We think it will take two trips to the Great north.”

Hiking Groups in the California Sierra Nevadas?
Question: “I plan to spend 3 months in the CA Sierras this summer. Do you have a list of women’s / hiking groups?”

A trip of a lifetime to Alaska!
Question: “I am going on a business trip to Alaska in June. I would like to get outdoors while I am there…”

Local hiking spots near Lathrop, California?
Question: “I would love to start hiking around my area, but have no idea where to go.”

Southern California Snowshoeing Spots?
Question: “Hi, I just bought a pair of Lightning Ascent Snowshoes (I’m new to this sport–I usually X-country ski). Other than Rim Nordic, where are good spots to snowshoe in Southern California?”

Hiking Training & Conditioning

How do I build hiking stamina and strength?
Question: “How do I build hiking stamina and strength?”

How do I prepare for a multi-day, high altitude hike to Machu Picchu?
Question: “I am going to Peru and May and am going to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu…”

Everything else!

How to Deal with Your Period When Backpacking & Mountaineering?
How to Deal with Your Period When Backpacking & Mountaineering?

How Ladies Go to the Bathroom When Hiking?
Question: “How do I go to the bathroom when hiking?”

Do You Tip Park Rangers?
Question: “Is it customary to tip the Ranger at the end of the hike?”

Animal Deterrents Allowed in Checked Baggage on Airplanes?
Question: “Are there any animal deterrents (pepper spray) that are legal to take in checked luggage?”

How to Deal with Your Period When Backpacking & Mountaineering? (for the girls!)
Question: “How do you deal with those pesky monthly visitors when on multi-day snow trips?”

How to Overcome a Fear of Bears?
Question: “I have a tremendous FEAR…PHOBIA…of BEARS!!!…that hinders my adventurous spirit! Do you have any suggestions?”

What is thru-hiking?
Question: “I just read an article about a woman who is trying to get rid of clutter, and she said that on her “thru-hike” she enjoyed the freedom of carrying everything she needed on her back. Is a “thru-hike” an extended backpacking trip?”

Should I take a Gregory Deva 60 and a hammock on my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail?

A hammock for an AT thru hike?
A hammock for an AT thru hike?

The Most Famous American Female Hiker?
Question: “Who is the most famous American female hiker of all time? Do you know where I can find collectibles / memorabilia? Signed photos or books or pictures?”

Hiking on Private Property?
Question: “I want to hike in an area of historical significance (a canyon which contained an Indian Village for nearly 2oo yrs.) This area is on property now owned by several farmers. They won’t allow anyone in…”

Dog friendly hiking and camping suggestions?
Question: “I am heading to the western U.S. for 6 to 8 weeks this summer (2010) with the sole purpose of creating a great “wild” experience for my suburban dog – hiking, swimming, camping…”

Would you consider long hair or short hair to be easier to deal with on a hike?
Question: “Short hair dries faster and gets in the way less, but you can always just tie long hair up. What’s your opinion?”

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