Hiking Trail Distances at Camden Hills State Park?

Is there a way to measure the distance of a hike on a computer? I tried pulling up a .pdf of Camden Hills State Park but can’t figure out how to get accurate distances.



Great question, Richard. It definitely can be tricky to find trail information on local hikes online.

Generally national and state parks have great information with details on trails, however in this case, the information is not available online. I called the ranger at Camden Hills, and he assured me they have details available in the printed brochures available at the park, they just don’t have them online!

To estimate distances, the trail map you found has a key listed in feet. Since 2,640 feet is half a mile, you can estimate distances.

Camden Hills State Park
Camden Hills State Park Trail Map

To give you a sense of distance, the longest trail in the park appears to be the Multi Use Trail, #11. That is a 10.5 mile round trip hike.
Have a great trip!

Happy trails!
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