Camper Van Life

Welcome to the latest chapter in the Hiking Lady family adventures! With the global covid-19 pandemic, two little boys home from school, and one huge sense of wanderlust, the Hiking Lady family made a radical move…we bought a camper van!

We are super excited about our new Winnebago Solis camper van because it enables us to go places SAFELY and comfortably. I plan to share quality content about the Solis, and just like the rest of the Hiking Lady site, give unbiased and honest opinions about our experience with it, details about our modifications, and gear reviews about what we are taking with us and what stays at home.

We are looking forward to many more hiking and camping adventures in the years ahead! 

Stay tuned!

Inspecting the new Solis camper van
The boys inspected the engine of our new camper van and said it will be perfect for the adventures ahead!