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Do you like to hike? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Perhaps you’re in the market for hiking gear but don’t know what to buy?  Hiking Lady is here for you!

Whether your idea of a hike is a walk on a secluded path close to home, a serene day hike in beautiful Yosemite National Park, or climbing a peak, Hiking Lady is the place to develop and share a passion for the outdoors!

Do you like to hike but are concerned about your baby? Do you want to hike while pregnant? Then check out Hiking Lady’s new site, Hiking Baby!

The mountains are calling and I must go

– John Muir

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Mom's on the go need functional gear!

Practical Gear for Moms on the Go

How many of you hiking Moms out there are desperate to get out on the trails as much as possible, but are limited by having little ones in tow?  Count me in!  I love being outside with my boys, but oftentimes we are juggling several things in a day…preschool, a… Read more…

We always have our reusable water bottles

Sustainability in Action!

We’ve all heard the buzz word “sustainability” ad infinitum.  By definition, sustainability means “the capacity for the biosphere and human civilization to coexist”.  Simply put, it means to reduce your demand on natural resources to protect the beautiful planet we live in. That’s a big task, and one that we… Read more…


#OptOutside This Black Friday

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and millions of Americans are cutting short their special time with family and friends so they can shop!  Yes, shop!  Unbelievable, right?  This year, the Hiking Lady family is choosing to spend time together outside the whole week of Thanksgiving.  #OptOutside started in 2015 when REI… Read more…

If a tree falls in the forest…be there to hear it.

– Unknown

Hiking 101

Get started at Hiking 101! Here I share my tips for choosing the right gear you’ll need for hiking, backpacking, and all outdoor adventures.

If you want to know what features to look for in a pair of boots, how to lace your hiking shoes if you have narrow feet, or figure out if you should be using trekking poles, start at Hiking 101.

Pick the right Adventure Apparel, learn about Layering, and find out what UPF sun protective clothing really is!

Hiking Lady’s Gear Reviews

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

– Albert Einstein

New Hiking Lady Reviews

American Backcountry tee design

Love National Parks? Wear this American Backcountry T-shirt!

If you enjoy National Parks as much as I do, then you surely like to show off your love with those souvenir t-shirts found at all national parks gift shops. Oftentimes, I want a shirt commemorating the specific mountain I just climbed. One of my favorite t-shirts of all time… Read more…

Hot Products: KÜHL’s Performance Tops

Want to know how to hike better? Wear the right clothes so you stay comfortable! This Fall, KÜHL’s line-up of women’s tops is a Hiking Lady’s dream…high performance fabrics designed to fit well and look great, all while wicking your sweat, keeping you dry, and being rugged enough to make… Read more…

Hiking Lady wearing Woolpower Zip LITE

Woolpower Zip Turtleneck LITE Review

As many avid Hiking Lady readers know, there is a cool company in Sweden that makes excellent outdoor apparel for adults and kids alike – Woolpower! By way of background, Woolpower’s high quality garments are made from a material called Ullfrotte Original. Why is this important? It was developed with… Read more…

Leatherman Raptor Review

Leatherman Raptor Review

Have you ever been in an emergency situation, with just minutes or even seconds to handle the problem?  Hopefully you haven’t, but if you ever are, the Leatherman Raptor must be on your belt.  This tool was designed by Leatherman with the input of special operations medics, EMTs, and fire… Read more…

The Mogix Portable Charger and the included power cord to re-charge the Mogix

Mogix Portable Charger Review

Imagine this…you’re on the hike of a lifetime, reveling in the gorgeous views. You reach into your backpack for your camera or smartphone to take a picture to capture the moment, but the battery is dead! Do you have a battery backup? Avid readers of Hiking Lady know that I… Read more…

Illumiseen Belt

Illuminate Yourself and Your Gear on the Trail!

Recently I have been testing out an amazing safety device that hikers, campers, joggers, walkers, and parents ALL NEED – the Illumiseen Belt. With the addition of Hiking Baby #2 to the family, we purchased a Thule Urban Glide Double Stroller for hikes, walks, and trips to the park. However,… Read more…

SOLE Active Insoles

SOLE Active Insoles

Avid readers of Hiking Lady know that I am a proponent of enhanced insoles for a variety of reasons. Primarily, because shoe and boot manufacturers often put low quality insoles into their shoes to keep costs down. They know that people who really care about their feet or have foot… Read more…

Hot Products: Mobile Warming Socks and Gloves!

Need to stay warm this winter? Then you’ll want to check out these new Hiking Lady Hot Products, which literally are hot: Mobile Warming’s Liner Gloves and Socks. Cold feet and hands can make a gorgeous day of exploring the outdoors in the winter miserable. Some of the reason my… Read more…

Hiking Lady testing out the Massdrop Fitsoks

Massdrop Fitsok – High Performance Socks at a Low Price

Hikers all know how expensive technical socks can be. Smartwool, Injinji, Balega, Wrightsock, and others are typically priced between $10 and $25 PER pair! That sure adds up. Luckily there is a new sock that Massdrop is offering at very low prices – Massdrop Fitsocks. 3 pairs are just $19.99.… Read more…