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Hiking Backpacks
Hiking Backpacks

Hikers need backpacks to hold their 10 essentials, water, food, and extra clothing.

In the past few years, manufacturers have finally realized that there are a lot of women day hikers and backpackers, and their bodies aren’t the same as men’s. Therefore, we need women’s specific packs so we don’t end up with aching shoulders and backs! What is the right backpack for women?

In my view of the backpack world, there are 3 main categories of packs: Hydration Packs and Hydration Waistpacks, Daypacks, and Backpacks.


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Hydration Packs and Hydration Waistpacks

Hydration WaistpacksHydration Waistpacks: Hydration waistpacks are what you can take with you on a short hike when all you really need is some water and your car keys. Learn more…


Hiking Daypacks

Hiking DaypacksHiking Daypacks: A hiking daypack is what what you need on the trail when you are out for several hours or an entire day (hence the name “daypack”) and have your 10 Essentials, food, water, and extra layers of clothing. Learn more…

Hiking Backpacks (also know as Backpacking Backpacks)

Hiking DaypacksHiking (Backpacking) Backpacks: A hiking backpack is much larger than a hydration waistpack or daypack. You’ll be using a backpack to carry everything you need on overnight trips, such as your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, water, 10 Essentials, and much more. A good backpack for women will be specifically designed for the female body. Last time I looked, we certainly have different curves than the guys, right ladies? 😉

I have a comprehensive backpacking checklist for what you’ll want to have in your backpack. Learn more…


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    I haven’t used an AARN Bodypack myself, but they seem like a good idea. I have found that my Gregory Deva 60L backpack, when worn properly on my hips, doesn’t cause me any pack pain. Have you tried one? They seem to be convenient and I like the idea of shifting the weight to the front of the body. I don’t like too much pressure on my breasts, but would like to try one sometime. That is the only thing that could be a concern to me. Hope that helps!

  2. Dassi says:

    Hi there, do you know much about aarn packs? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.
    Happy trails,

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