Hydration Waistpacks

Before you start training outside, a Hydration Waistpack is one purchase you should make.

If you already like to go on quick day hikes, distance jogs, or walks around town, then you are likely tired of lugging your water bottle in your hand. Hydration Waistpacks solve this problem!

They are modern fannypacks (but are super stylish!) and provide a convenient, hands free (no more wrist pain) way of carrying your water and keys.

Women have particularly weak wrists so if you’ve been trail running and just holding your water bottle instead of running hands free, you’ll be thankful to have one of these. Some are purely water holders, but I’d recommend one with little pockets, because where else are we going to put our keys, chapstick, cellphone, etc.?!

A few options that I recommend:

Nathan Speed 2 WaistpackNathan Speed 2 Waistpack with Two 10-Ounce Nutrition Flasks: For a really feminine look, you can get this one with the pink styling. The functionality is what I always focus on first and foremost, and this one does the job well. The storage pouch is a bit small, but large enough for keys and chapstick. If you’re taking more than that with you, check out some of the other options.


FuelBelt Crush Bottle CarrierFuelBelt Crush Bottle Carrier: This waistpack is nice for people like me who prefer to drink out of one bottle, not multiple little ones. Your water bottle lies at an angle, which is a great ergonomic design.


High Sierra Solo Lumbar PackHigh Sierra Solo Lumbar Pack: This hydration waistpack is similar to the FuelBelt above, but has a slightly larger storage area for those of you who don’t like to leave anything at home!


CamelBak LUXE Hydration PackCamelBak LUXE Hydration Pack: This is what I use skiing, bike riding, and on short day hikes when I just need water, my 10 Essentials, and my lunch.

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