Hiking LadyHiking Lady is the lively and fun online publication that makes it easy for women to fully enjoy and experience the outdoors!

Looking to prevent blisters? How many calories do you really burn while hiking? Find answers to these and many more on Hiking Lady.

In addition, with content such as Hiking 101, Ask Hiking Lady, How To Videos, and an updated blog, Hiking Lady is your stop for outdoor adventure. Hiking Lady also features a Monthly Giveaways where readers can win great gear!

Audience & Reach

64% of our readers are from the United States, and the U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand comprise 19% of readers. 63.5% of our readers are female.

Google Analytics, Gender Mix, HikingLady
Google Analytics, Gender Mix, HikingLady

Average page views are 2.00 per session and average session duration is 1 minute 38 seconds.

Hiking Lady Google Analytics, Pages and Session Duration
Hiking Lady Google Analytics, Pages and Session Duration


Google Analytics, Age Mix, HikingLady
Google Analytics, Age Mix, HikingLady

Additionally, we have a targeted email list that enables us to stay in front of our devoted readers each month.

Social Media Presence

Hiking Lady has over 7,200 Facebook fans, 398,000 YouTube Channel Views, 20,500 Twitter followers, and has earned the #2 Ranking for the Most Influential on “hiking” in the We Follow Directory.

We Follow: Most Influential for "Hiking"
We Follow: Most Influential for “Hiking”

How can you advertise?

We can place banner advertisements on the homepage, or throughout the site. We support the following sizes:

  • Sidebar – 125×125 block
  • Sidebar – 300×250 block
  • Sidebar – 300×300 block
  • Sidebar – 300×600 block

We can do site sponsorships, email newsletter sponsorships, and holiday gear guide sponsorships.

Can you sponsor a contest?

Yes! It is a great way for you to get your product introduced to a group of hiking and backpacking enthusiasts! We will post a Hiking Lady Giveaway page and ask readers to leave a comment as their contest entry. We will promote it on our Facebook and Twitter pages and email newsletter to help drive traffic to the contest page featuring your product. Then, you pick the winner and ship them the item. It’s very easy!

How can I contact Hiking Lady for more info?

Simply fill out the Hiking Lady contact form and we can chat!

Hiking Baby

Happy Trails!

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