Point 6 Socks: Hiking Lady’s Test of 3 Styles

Most hikers realize that cotton socks are not an option, unless of course you like blisters, and sweaty, stinky feet! For many years I’ve sampled a range of wool and synthetic socks, finding some good ones as well as others that did not quite meet my expectations. (Check out Hiking 101: Hiking Socks and Sock Liners). Recently I put some miles on three pairs of Point 6 socks: the Point 6 Casual Light, Point 6 Medium cushion, and Point 6 Active Life Light socks. How did they fare? Read on for my full Point 6 review!


Point 6 Socks Put to the Test!

Point 6 is a family run company based in the gorgeous Colorado mountain town of Steamboat Springs, and they manufacture all of their hiking socks in the USA. Their yarn is exclusively sourced from New Zealand sheep stations. This really speaks to a brand’s authenticity… I love it when I find out when an outdoor gear/apparel company is headquartered in a outdoorsy town and have sustainably sourced components/fabrics. What better place to test product than Steamboat Springs! I digress. Back to the socks. What does Point 6 mean? It is an unusual name, that’s for sure, and I found out that its is named for the human body’s optimal body temperature, 98-point-6 degrees Fahrenheit. Point 6’s goal is to keep your body at its optimal temperature, and therefore optimal comfort.

Point 6: Medium cushion
Point 6: Medium cushion. My pick for hiking.

Features of Point 6 Socks I Like:

  • Fit. All three pairs I tried fit well. They are snug to my feet, but not too tight. I don’t like when socks bunch or are lose, especially in the toes or heel. These fit well due to their design and a small amount of spandex (see table below).
  • Options!  Point 6 makes their socks in a wide range of sizes of course, but more importantly, cushion levels and heights. Just take a peek at the Point 6 website and note they make five heights of socks:
    • No Show
    • Mini Crew
    • 3/4 Crew
    • Crew
    • Over the Calf

    Point 6 socks are also made in six cushioning levels:

    • Ultra Light
    • Extra Light
    • Light
    • Medium Cushion
    • Heavy Cushion
    • Extra Heavy
Point 6 Socks
Point 6: Casual Life
Point 6 Socks
Point 6: Medium (my pick for hiking)
Point 6 Socks
Point 6: Active Life Light (my pick for trail running)


Specification Comparison of the Socks I Tested:

Point 6 Casual Light 57% Wool, 39% Nylon, 4% Spandex

$21.95.  These are comfortable for regular everyday use.

Point 6 Medium 70% Wool, 24% Nylon, 6% Spandex

$28.95.  These are my pick for hiking.  I hiked many miles in this pair in a variety of weather conditions, and I found that they breathe well, provide a good level of cushioning in my Asolo Stynger boots, and work well with my favorite Injinji liner socks (Hiking Lady Review here).

Point 6 Active Life Light 55% Wool, 39% Nylon, 6% Spandex

$21.95.  I love these with my trailing running shoes.  They are a perfect amount of cushioning for a run.

Conclusion?  In my testing, all three styles of Point 6 socks I tried seem to be well made, comfortable, durable, and wash easily.  Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy trails!


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