VONT Ultimate Survival Kit Review

Without reliable lighting, a camping or backpacking trip can become a nightmare very quickly. I love using headlamps, primarily for the hands-free convenience factor, but I always have a backup portable flashlight as well. Recently I had the chance to try out a lighting kit from VONT, the VONT Ultimate Survival Kit. It is priced very reasonably compared to many other well-known brands of lighting products such as Black Diamond and Petzl. How does it compare? Check out my VONT Ultimate Survival Kit Review!

VONT Ultimate Survival Kit: What’s Included

This kit includes six items:

  • 2 LED Spark Headlamps
  • 2 LED Flashlights
  • 2 LED Camping Lanterns
VONT Ultimate Survival Kit
VONT Ultimate Survival Kit

Specifications of the VONT Ultimate Survival Kit

    • Headlamp:
      • 200-lumens LED
      • Red night mode setting – must have if you ever want to stargaze!
      • Tilts 45 degrees
    • Tactical Flashlight:
      • Solidly designed
      • 5 light settings: SOS, Low, Medium, High, and Strobe
      • Fully adjustable beam width
    • Camping Lantern:
      • 4.8 inches tall when collapsed; 9.8 inches fully extended with handles pointed up
      • 30 LED very bright light
VONT Tactical flashlight
I love how the belt case is included!
VONT Tactical flashlight
Showing the fully extended mode
VONT Tactical flashlight
Extending the VONT Tactical Light changes its focus
VONT headlamp
Well-designed headlamp
VONT headlamp
Simple to use and it has a Night Mode (red light) setting; great for stargazing!

Best Part About the VONT Ultimate Survival Kit?

The best part about this kit is the price. All 6 pieces sell for $43.15 at Amazon.com. That is truly a bargain considering you can pick up ONE Black Diamond SPOT headlamp for about the same price. While the build quality isn’t comparable to the fancy brands, the value is still excellent. VONT has a lifetime warranty on their products and a no questions asked return policy. Plus, the items are designed simply enough that they can be fixed yourself if necessary. For example, in the kit I received, one of the LED Camping Lanterns wouldn’t turn off when I closed it. I simply unscrewed the 4 screws at the base, re-aligned the spring to the switch, and voila, it worked perfectly.

This lantern didn’t turn off when closed, but the fix was super simple because of VONT’s straightfoward design
The fix was super simple.
I just needed to realign this switch with the spring

My Personal Favorite Item

Of the different lighting devices included in this kit, my favorite is the LED Tactical Flashlight. Of the 3 VONT lights in this kit, this tactical flashlight definitely deserves its “tactical” description. While I haven’t personally tested it in freezing conditions, underwater, or being run over by a truck, VONT claims that it can survive all of those conditions. I like the convenience of adjusting the beam’s focus, and I’m impressed that it includes a handy case (see photos above).

Have you tried any VONT products? What do you think?

Happy trails!


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