Toddler Snow Boots Review: Merrell’s Snow Crush Boots

Are you ready for the snow? Winter is around the corner, and I have visions of family times in the mountains: sledding, snowman building, tossing snowballs, and warming up with hot chocolate! That means it is time to get your little ones geared up, and toddler snow boots are a must have to keep snow days pleasant. If you have a toddler in the 1 to 4 year old range, then you’ll want to consider these toddler snow boots from Merrell: the Kids’ Snow Crush Jr.
Toddler Snow Boots

Hiking Toddler has been checking out a pair of Merrell’s Snow Crush Jr. boots in anticipation of his 2nd year in the snow now that he’s 15 months old!

Features of Merrell Snow Crush Boots

Merrell's Snow Crush Jr. Waterproof Boots
Merrell’s Snow Crush Jr. Boots
Cozy liner is built in
Merrell's Snow Crush Jr. Waterproof Boots
Secure fit with velcro strap
Fairly wide opening for your little one's feet
Fairly wide opening for your little one’s feet
Traction for snow
Traction for snow

The Merrell Snow Crush Jr. seem to be similar to the Merrell Snow Bank 2.0, except that they are made in sizes for the littlest feet (size 5-10 toddler).

  • High quality insulation. Merrell used 400g of insulation in the boot, which should keep little feet cozy!
  • Rounded toe with bumper. Ideal for clumsy toddlers!
  • Lightweight. The boots weigh 6 ounces, so they aren’t clunky and cumbersome like the cheap ones from Target.

What We Think of These Boots

These boots are good quality, and seem to be well constructed. I’d prefer that the opening were even bigger, as children in size 5 to 10 toddler boots aren’t always the most cooperative. It seems like the designers like having the benefit of a tongue that is sewed almost to the top, since it will prevent snow from coming inside. The downside of course is that they are harder to get on. The traction seems to be reasonable for a toddler boot, and they seem warm. We will be testing them in snow conditions in a couple of months and we’ll provide an update! I like the Merrell Snow Bank 2.0 slightly better (easier on/off and better traction), however, they aren’t made in toddler sizes.


  • Where to Buy:,
  • Size Range: Toddler sizes 5-10 in medium width only! Remember that toddler boots are made on a “boot last” so are more accommodating to wide feet and thick socks.
  • Colors: Grey/Black; Grey/Coral; Navy/Saffron .
  • Price: Toddler sizes are priced at $60.00; Big Kid Sizes are $70.

Happy trails!

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