Love National Parks? Wear this American Backcountry T-shirt!

If you enjoy National Parks as much as I do, then you surely like to show off your love with those souvenir t-shirts found at all national parks gift shops. Oftentimes, I want a shirt commemorating the specific mountain I just climbed. One of my favorite t-shirts of all time is my Mt. Whitney t-shirt that says “Big One in a Day” (for those of us who hiked it in one day). Want a specific shirt for the mountain you just hiked, or the trail you just conquered? Then you’ll have to check out the company American Backcountry that makes eco-friendly t-shirts right here in the USA.

American Backcountry Tee

American Backcountry: A Little Background

American Backcountry specializes in destination tees, but they are way better than the typical “souvenir” tee you’d see in a gift shop. In 2001 American Backcountry became the first company to specialize in printing graphics on moisture wicking t-shirts. They have a line of shirts made with recycled Repreve fabric. Why does this matter? One shirt is made from five plastic bottles. Amazing, huh!? The t-shirts are fast drying, moisture wicking, eco-friendly, and emblazoned with amazing National Park designs.

How Are the American Backcountry Shirts Unique?

In addition to being made of eco-friendly materials in the USA, American Backcountry tees are printed differently. Instead of just printing a design on top of a fabric, like with traditional silkscreen printing, American Backcountry uses a process called dye sublimation, which infuses ink directly into the fabric. That means they can use lots of colors, and the wicking properties of the shirts are maintained. Plus, the processes are water based and phthalate free. For their non-moisture wicking tees, they use direct printing, with phthalate free ink.

American Backcountry tee design
American Backcountry’s graphics are made uniquely

They have a wide catalog of these unisex tees, and you’ll love the designs!


  • Materials: Repreve (recycled plastic bottles), cotton, polyester (mix depends on the shirt)
  • Size range: Unisex, Adult Small – Adult XXL
  • Price: range from $25.99-$30.00
  • Where to Buy:

Happy trails!

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