Leatherman Raptor Review

Leatherman Raptor ReviewHave you ever been in an emergency situation, with just minutes or even seconds to handle the problem?  Hopefully you haven’t, but if you ever are, the Leatherman Raptor must be on your belt.  This tool was designed by Leatherman with the input of special operations medics, EMTs, and fire professionals.  Are you trained in wilderness first aid?  Do you have a proper emergency kit and tools?  Hikers like me know that emergencies happen…and in rare instances, survival skills are also necessary on the trail.  That’s why all hikers need their 10 Essentials, and the Leatherman Raptor should be on the belt of at least one member of your hiking group!  Check out my detailed Leatherman Raptor Review for yourself to learn why.

What is the Leatherman Raptor

Hiking Lady readers are all likely very familiar with the renowned multi-tool company, Leatherman. They are known for the WAVE multi-tool, but have greatly broadened their product line over the years, and now manufacture much more than multi-tools: knives, wearables, pocket tools, and associated accessories.

The Raptor is a specialized multi-tool that is one of Leatherman’s best sellers. It’s comprised of 6 tools:

  • 420HC foldable stainless steel shears
  • an oxygen tank wrench
  • strap cutter
  • ring cutter
  • carbide glass breaker
  • 5 cm ruler

Why I Love the Leatherman Raptor

The Leatherman Raptor is a well made, durable, functional tool that can handle multiple types of emergency situations.  Most hiking groups have a designated “first aid” person who is known to be the trained expert.  That person in your group needs a Leatherman Raptor on his/her belt!  Did your hiking buddy get a snake bite/puncture her leg on a rock/scrap her elbow/etc.?  Then you’ll use the stainless steel shears to cut away clothing, trim bandages.  Someone have a hand wound and need their ring removed?  The Raptor has a ring cutter.  Someone in a car accident?  I’ve been a passenger on the way to a trail when the driver hit a deer.  These things happen!  Use the strap cutter to cut through a seat belt strap.  Break through the car window to help someone who’s stuck with the carbide glass breaker.  Hikers and backpackers like us often travel to remote areas to hike, well away from emergency professionals.  We need to be prepared!

Leatherman Raptor
Strap cutter
Ring cutter
Carbide glass breaker on far right
Convenient holster is included


  • Materials: 420HC Stainless Steel, Glass-filled Nylon, Carbide
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Relevant Dimensions: Shear length: 1.9 inches; Closed length: 5 inches
  • Price: $69.95 at Leatherman.com or Amazon.com
  • Made in Portland, Oregon.  25 year warranty!!

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