Woolpower Zip Turtleneck LITE Review

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Hiking Lady wearing Woolpower Zip LITE
Hiking Lady wearing Woolpower Zip LITE
Woolpower LITE
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As many avid Hiking Lady readers know, there is a cool company in Sweden that makes excellent outdoor apparel for adults and kids alike – Woolpower!

By way of background, Woolpower’s high quality garments are made from a material called Ullfrotte Original. Why is this important? It was developed with the Swedish military, so not surprisingly, it is highly durable, can wick moisture well, and is extremely warm.

Woolpower has a range of thermal apparel products, and for people who live in warmer climates like Southern California, Woolpower developed a line called Woolpower LITE. While spending some time near Lake Arrowhead the past few days, I had a chance to finally put it to the test!

Notable Unique Features of the Woolpower Zip LITE Turtleneck

    • Many of the features of the Zip LITE are similar to the Zip 200. The main difference is that the LITE is tighter fitting and a thinner base layer. It is an ideal baselayer on cool days.

Woolpower Zip Turtleneck LITE

  • Soft soft soft! Unlike most merino wool that has a tendency to be itchy, Woolpower’s merino wool is 22.5 microns, making it thick enough to be durable yet fine enough to not itch.
  • Highly moisture wicking. Just like the Zip 200, the LITE is also highly wicking.
  • Very cool packaging. Woolpower gets this right! While admittedly the packaging is of no relevance to the performance of the top, the sleek cardboard box that Woolpower tops come in show the care that the company takes with product design, materials, and presentation.


  • Sizing: The Woolpower Zip Turtleneck LITE comes in a wide range of sizes, as do most of Woolpower’s products. XXS to 2XL for the Zip Turtleneck LITE.
  • Where to Buy? Woolpowerus.com
  • Pricing? $129
  • Materials: 80% Merino Wool, 20% Polyamide
  • Colors: Black

Happy trails!


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