Which Superfeet to Buy?

Which Superfeet to Buy?Hiking Lady readers know that I have always been a proponent of using enhanced insoles in your hiking boots. There are numerous enhanced insoles on the market, and the best are considered to be Superfeet. Even podiatrists swear by them (yes, I asked around and Superfeet are considered to be #2 behind crazy expensive custom orthotics that run hundreds of dollars a pair!) Now to confuse the matter…there are loads of different Superfeet insoles – so which are the right Superfeet to buy?

Start with the Basics: Why Enhanced Insoles?

The insoles in most hiking shoes and athletic shoes are garbage. Yep, they are made very cheaply and expected to be thrown away. Shoe manufacturers know that people who are serious about their feet will invest in a pair of enhanced insoles. A good enhanced insole will provide your feet with additional stability, and in many cases can help support specific weaknesses in your feet or arch.

Hiking Lady’s Analysis: Which Superfeet to Buy?

Superfeet has numerous options, but the top three used by hikers are Blue, Green, and the new Flex Superfeet insoles.

Which Superfeet to Buy?
Which Superfeet to Buy?
  • Who should buy Green Superfeet Insoles?
  • Who should buy Blue Superfeet Insoles?
    • Blue Superfeet insoles are best suited for shoes with lower volume, which means shoes like trail running shoes, running shoes, and even shoes where the existing insole is glued in and cannot be replaced.
  • Who should buy Flex Superfeet Insoles?
    • The new Flex insoles have similarities to aspects of both Blue and Green Superfeet. Flex insoles are for a higher volume boot, just like Green insoles. However, unlike both Blue and Green Superfeet, the Flex insoles are much softer. If you’ve never worn a stiff enhanced insole like Blue or Green Superfeet, then you may want to start with a pair of Flex insoles.

Green, Blue, and Flex Superfeet Product Comparison

Green, Blue, and Flex Superfeet each have different features and purposes.

Which Superfeet to Buy?
Green Superfeet in my Asolo Stynger Backpacking Boots
Which Superfeet to Buy?
Blue, Flex, and Green Superfeet. Note the air holes in the Flex Superfeet for more breathability.
Which Superfeet to Buy?
Thickness comparison – Green Superfeet are the thickest!
Which Superfeet to Buy?
Ridges on the Blue Superfeet fit a lower volume shoe with a narrower heel. Flex and Green Superfeet need a bigger volume shoe.
Blue Superfeet Flex Superfeet Green Superfeet

 Superfeet Flex insoles Ridge-free Green Superfeet Insoles
Price: $44.95 $29.95 $44.95 
Shoe Volume Needed: Low to Medium Volume

(i.e., running shoes, low top hiking shoes, etc.)

High Volume

(i.e., hiking boots, backpacking boots, mountaineering boots)

High Volume

(i.e., hiking boots, backpacking boots, mountaineering boots)

Can be used with Gore-Tex Shoes? Not recommended.

I’ve used them and never had a problem, but the ridges on the bottom of Blue Superfeet can damage the Gore-Tex layer and destroy the waterproof layer.





Heel pocket: Deep to provide foot stability. Deep to provide foot stability. Deep to provide foot stability.
Thickness of insole: Thinnest Thick  Thick
Stiffness of insole: Stiff Most flexible (hence the name, Flex!) Stiff

Hope all of this helps you decide which Superfeet to buy! Happy trails!


  1. Nick says:

    You may want to add that Superfeet makes the Flex insoles in three different thicknesses (3mm, 4mm, and 5mm) to accommodate a wide variety of shoe volumes.

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks for the tip about putting tape on the edges of blue Superfeet when used in GoreTex shoes/boots. I haven’t had any problems using Blue Superfeet in my GoreTex boots, without the tape technique, but I like the idea! Happy trails Laura 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    The different Superfeet styles aren’t just for varied footwear. They are suited to different types of feet. I use the blue for everything as I have a relatively low arch. The green is just too much for me. If you need to put blue Superfeet into a pair of Gortex shoes or boots, just put some tape on the edges. It’s better to forego the insole than to use the wrong one.

  4. Donna says:

    HI Hiking Lady,

    This is so so helpful about the 3 types of shoe insoles. I do find it confusing when shopping for these things. Great explanations.! Thank you so much. I just love your site.

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