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hiking clothes for women!Some newbie hiking ladies out there may think that you can wear just about anything in the great outdoors; that isn’t the case! There is a reason hiking pants have zip off shorts and come in khaki and olive tones… and “wicking tops” are a must have addition to your wardrobe! Finding the ideal hiking clothes for women can seem like a daunting challenge to stay comfortable yet cute. Are you tired of being too hot, or too cold? Strange tan lines? Bug bites? Read on and get outfitted!

What are the Best Hiking Clothes for Women?

The good news is that I have written in depth articles about multiple categories of women’s apparel:

Women’s Hiking Pants

Women's Hiking Pants

There is a reason why Hiking 101: Women’s Hiking Pants is such a popular article and commented on article here at Hiking Lady! We all want a pair of women’s hiking pants that fit well, move with us, are stylish, and fit utility specifications of being trail ready.  This in depth guide to Women’s Hiking Pants has my Hiking Lady Women’s Hiking Pants Shopping Tips and details of why certain ones are my favorites.

Hiking Hats

Women's Hiking Hats

Women’s Hiking Jackets

Women's Hiking Jackets

Women’s Rain Pants

Women's Rain Pants

Women’s Hiking Underwear

Women's Hiking Underwear

Women’s Hiking Sunglasses

Women's Hiking Sunglasses

Fleece & Down Jackets

Hiking Outerwear

What About Some Tips for Getting Outfitted?

In addition to all of these clothing article specific guides above, here at Hiking Lady I’ve written several articles that will be useful to you as you plan for the trail:



UPF Sun Protection

Are there any cute (flattering) hiking clothes for women?

Flattering hiking clothes

Plus Sized Hiking Clothes for Women?

Plus sized hiking clothes

I hope these guides for finding the best hiking clothes for women were helpful.  Keep in mind that your Adventure Apparel is just the beginning!  You can’t hit the trail without a good pair of hiking boots, hiking insoles, trail socks,  moisture (and stink reducing) underwear and sports bras, jackets, gaiters, snow gear, outdoor GPS units, and more!  Check out all of my detailed Hiking 101 guides.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy trails!