My Hiking Hats
My Hiking Hats: All are UPF Hats!
One thing I absolutely must have on the trail is a hiking hat. Since I spend a lot of time in sunny California, I try to reduce exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays by wearing UPF hats, as well as sunglasses.

A simple baseball hat or visor is ok for short trips, but not ideal. What I like about hiking hats is that they provide much broader coverage so your ears and back of the neck don’t get burned. I have seen friends have their ears and back of their necks sunburned because they opted to wear a baseball cap instead of a hiking hat.

If you want to protect the delicate skin of your face (which ladies, as you know will wrinkle if you don’t protect it from the sun!), reduce glare so you can see the trail better when you are hiking or snowshoeing, and avoid having your scalp or neck sunburned, invest in a broad brimmed hiking hat.

Women’s Hiking Hats Shopping Tips:

  • Look for hiking hats with chin straps. Windy conditions can crop up at any moment, and having a chin strap will help you be prepared and keep your hat!
  • Look for hats that have broad brims for extra coverage.
  • Error on the side of a larger hat. When I’m out hiking, especially at elevation, my hands and head swell! Don’t get an unnecessary headache because your hat is a size too small.
  • Look for UPF hats. UPF hats have a UPF rating, which means they are designed to have a tighter fabric weave, so will provide even better protection from harmful sun exposure. Learn more about the importance of UPF ratings and what it means.

Hiking Lady’s Favorite Women’s Hiking Hats:

Dorfman Pacific Solarweave Mesh Trekker Hat: This is a great hat for summer hiking because of its mesh vent at the top, plus a chin strap for windy conditions. The broad brim provides a lot of shade, and it has a UPF 50 rating, so you can be sure that your head will be protected from harmful sun rays. The only drawback is that it is not crushable, meaning that you should hang it from your pack when not in use, rather than stuffing it inside. Check out my full gear review of my Dorfman Pacific Trekker Hat.

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero: What I like about my OR Seattle Sombrero is that it offers great sun protection, it is waterproof, packs down really small, and has a nice chin strap that is great for windy conditions. Plus, if you want to look like a cowgirl, you can flip up the sides, which attach with velcro. That feature is nice if you want added trail visibility in cloudy conditions. What I don’t like is that it can get a little warm in summer months because of its light fleece lining. As long as I’m in the mountains or hiking when it is below 70 degrees out, this is my go-to hat. Check out my full gear review of my OR Seattle Sombrero!

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  1. Meers says:

    Will be lightweight.  During a day of hiking, every ounce counts and having a heavy hat on your head can be uncomfortable.

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