My Favorite Hiking Hat

Outdoor Research Seattle SombreroAs an avid hiker and backpacker, I spend a lot of hours outside in the sun, wind, and rain.

Therefore, I look for apparel and gear that offer versatility, and features that let me use the gear in multiple situations. Because as we all know, the weather can change quickly!

What I like about my Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero hat:

  • Offers great sun protection.
  • Waterproof. Yes I have had many opportunities to test this out! And the water just beads up on the rim. I bet people in the rainy city of Seattle love this hat. Perhaps that is how it got its name? 🙂
  • Packs down really small. I take this hat on every backpacking trip because of the features above, but also because I can throw it in my pack in a small corner, and the next time I take it out it pops back up and is ready to protect me from the sun again.
  • Chin strap that is great for windy conditions.
  • Style. Every time I hike with new friends they comment on my hat and how much they like it. If you want to look like a cowgirl, you can flip up the sides, which attach with velcro. That feature is nice if you want added trail visibility in cloudy conditions.

In the summer months, the Seattle Sombrero can get a bit warm because it has a nice, soft, thin fleece lining. However, in conditions below 70 degrees, that fleece lining is really nice to have, and unless it is really cold (sub 40 degrees), I don’t need to wear a beanie to stay warm because this hat does the job well.

I use this hat on every hike in the mountains, and only on hot, sunny, Southern California days do I use my Dorfman Pacific summer hat instead.

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  1. Donna says:

    I like this hat. I’ve had one now and it’s so light and does a great job protecting me from the sun.

  2. geocaching says:

    Great review! I love geocaching and I find Hiking lady helpful in thinking about gear to take and what to wear

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