Dorfman Pacific Summer Hat, Solarweave Mesh Trek

Dorfman Pacific Summer Hat

Because I live in California, there are plenty of UV rays and hot temperatures when I am out hiking. I use my Dorfman Pacific Solarweave Mesh Trek hat when it is over 60 degees Fahrenheit, and the fleece lining of my Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero would be unbearable.

What I like about my Dorfman Pacific Solarweave Hat:

  • Mesh vent. The mesh vent on top helps keep my head cool, yet provides enough sun protection.
  • Chin strap. The chin strap keeps my hat firmly in place in windy conditions
  • Broad brim. This hat provides a tremendous amount of shade on my face and neck.
  • UPF 50 rating. The weave is designed to provide very good UVA and UVB protection.

What I don’t like?

  • The Solarweave hat is considered crushable, but it is more difficult to reshape than my Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero.

Note that is it marketed as a “men’s” hat, but it is very much unisex. In fact, I have seen more women on the trail wearing it than men!

My Hiking Hats
My Hiking Hats: 2 Dorfman Pacific Hats and the OR Seattle Sombrero

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  1. Patty G says:

    I had this hat, it is a good hat, it’s first adventure on my head was to the top of Mount Whitney. The one reason you dislike it is why I no longer have it, it does crush and does not come back to shape early well, I could no longer get it into a shape that looked good on my head. I got 4 years of heavy use out of it! 🙂

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Sandy!
    Good luck in the kid’s section! My head is oversized, so I’m always buying men’s hats or size Large. All of our unique sizes and shapes are what makes the world go around 🙂
    Happy trails!

  3. Sandy Barlett says:

    Looks like another great hat! Went to website to possibly order but again they are too large for my 21 1/2 inch circumference head.
    Back to the kids section.

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