ExOfficio Hiking Underwear

ExOfficio Underwear

The ExOfficio brand is very well known as the leader in hiking underwear (and other active people). These ExOfficio Give N Go Briefs aren’t cheap, but last a long time and live up to their reputation.


  • Quick dry! I found that they dry really fast in the sun (~2 hours) and will dry out in a few hours at night. That’s the best I’ve found so far with hiking underwear.
  • Price. Yes, they are expensive (retail for $16), but that is a discount to the Patagonia Active briefs at $20 and some Icebreaker underwear that costs over $20 per pair!
  • Odor reducing. I have definitely found this to be the case, which is worthwhile on backpacking trips.


  • Fit. I have found that they tend to ride up, which isn’t fun when you’re out hiking!

I like the product materials and quality, yet am not pleased with the fit on me personally. I’d recommend them because of the quality, and it is up to you whether or not they fit you well. We’re all shaped differently afterall!

Want to know more about hiking underwear? Check out my review of the Patagonia Active briefs and Hiking 101: Hiking Underwear.

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One comment

  1. Aurora says:

    I don’t like ugly knickers. Confort, technical and good-looking is key!
    Especially if travelling for a long long time.

    Pop&Go Knickers are:
    -quick dry (Dri Release technology)
    -antimicrobial, with Freshguard
    -easy to change with a revolutionary fastener system so you don’t have to remove all your lower clothing and balance on one leg to freshen up. Think “knicker trip” at school!


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