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Want to know how to hike better? Wear the right clothes so you stay comfortable! This Fall, KÜHL’s line-up of women’s tops is a Hiking Lady’s dream…high performance fabrics designed to fit well and look great, all while wicking your sweat, keeping you dry, and being rugged enough to make it through to next year and beyond.


KÜHL’s company goal is to get outdoors and have fun, so what better way to encourage customers to do just that by making amazing apparel products that are comfortable, functional, and stylish? For the last few weeks I’ve been testing out KÜHL’s Adriana 1/2 Zip and Women’s Kestrel Vest. What do I love about them and do they have any shortcomings? Read on to find out how each fared in Hiking Lady’s usage.

KÜHL Adriana 1/2 Zip

KÜHL’s Adriana 1/2 Zip is beautiful. Simple as that.

KÜHL Adriana 1/2 Zip Top
KUHL Adriana 1/2 Zip Top
KÜHL Adriana 1/2 Zip Top

When I put it on for the first time I immediately noticed the soft blend of merino wool and polyester (no itching with this top!!). After several trips on the trail it became apparent that KÜHL’s “DYNAMIK™” stitching really is unique. Don’t you hate when knit tops or sweaters get a snag? I can attest to a snag-free experience with my KÜHL Adriana.

Moreover, it is quite apparent when looking at the sweater that it was designed with a lot of attention to detail. The gorgeous jacquard design is noticeable by looking at it, but only by wearing will you appreciate what I noticed: it is not bulky so can easily be layered, and the unique fabric combination makes it stretch and mold to your body without being clingy. Plus, the colored zipper matches the stitching details exactly, and the sides are solid, which offers a slimming look.

MSRP $119.00; comes in range of colors at KÜ While the price is steep for most KÜHL products, this one in particular is very good value for the quality.

KÜHL Kestrel Vest

KÜHL’s Kestral Vest is even more trail ready than the Adriana sweater, with its zippered pockets, weight saving Metaluxe™ zipper (looks and performs like metal but it is 1/3 the weight!), stretch side panels, and reflective ribbon at the draft flap for nighttime safety. What amazes me is how lightweight the Kestrel Vest is!

High level of detail at the collar
Detail on the back of the Kestrel Vest
Stretchy side panel

Keep in mind that if you’re petite, the torso length of the Kestral Vest is quite long, so it may not be ideal for you. I found it to be a little long for me, and it’s no surprise that other women who have purchased the vest and written reviews at KÜ love the flattering fit, but “recommend it to anyone who wants to be warm and look good and who has a long torso“.

Have you tried KÜHL apparel? What do you think of it? Please share below!

Happy trails!

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