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  1. Jenny Lake says:

    Although this comment is four years old, I will say that Keele Peak is in the heart of grizzly bear country, so unless you can confirm that all your campsites will have bear boxes, a bear canister sounds like an excellent idea. I find bear canisters easier to use than bear hangs, and more reliable too – you can never be sure there’ll be a tree that’s the right size for a hang, within the right distance from the camp. Food, garbage and toiletries should all go in canisters.

    Sage’s expedition is probably long past, but I hope this helps anyone who is wondering about the topic!

  2. Sage Duffey says:

    I am going on a 1 expedition with a group to Keele Peak and the Teslin River and was wondering if i should bring a bear canister for my “trash”

    Thanks, Sage

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