Resoling Hiking Boots?


Do you know any place that will resole Asolo Vibram soles on my hiking boots?



Resoling Hiking Boots?
Where can I get my hiking boots resoled?
Thanks for reading and thank you for the question. I recommend calling local shoe repair stores and asking about their experience dealing with hiking boots and adhesives. Ideally you’ll find a cobbler that specializes in molded hiking shoe repairs.

If you happen to live near REI’s headquarters in Washington, or are willing to send your boots away for repair, REI recommends a cobbler who does a lot of work on hiking shoes. This is straight from their website:

Footwear Repair

Repairing outdoor footwear is a complex task. Older boot designs (typically involving stitched welts) and modern footwear (where a wide variety of sophisticated adhesives are used to bond thermo-plastic rubber soles to leather uppers) require different repair techniques, and cobblers possessing the expertise to repair both are rare. For non-warranty repair work, REI has long guided its customers to Dave Page, an independent cobbler with more than 30 years of experience. You can contact his shop directly for an evaluation of your repair needs.

Dave Page, Cobbler
3509 Evanston Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(800) 252-1229
(206) 632-8686

FAX (206) 632-2613

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