Which Snowshoes to Buy?

I am wondering if you could recommend which snowshoe & size I should go with. I am contemplating between a Women’s MSR Lightning Ascent and the Unisex Evo Ascent. I am a woman, 5′ 5 1/2″ tall, and usually weight 116 – 120 lbs unclothed. I snowshoe on various mountainous terrain.


MSR Lightning Ascent 25 Snowshoes
MSR Lightning Ascent 25 Snowshoes


Great question!

If you are on hilly terrain, you’ll definitely like the Lightning Ascents. They have excellent traction around the entire snowshoe, not just along the 2 traction rails on the MSR Evo Ascents. You’ll also likely want to get the 22 inch ones. They’ll provide plenty of flotation given your height and weight. If you want to go backpacking or carry a 20+ pound daypack on your snowshoeing outings, then I’d recommend the 25 inch pair.

I have had my Lightning Ascents for 2 seasons now and haven’t seen any signs of wear on the membrane deck.

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Happy trails! Have fun snowshoeing 🙂
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