Blue Superfeet Insoles Cause Problems in Gore-Tex Hiking Boots?

While shopping for new backpacking boots I was just told that it is not recommended to use the blue superfeet insoles in boots with gore-tex liners. Apparently the ridges on the bottom of the blue insoles damage the gore-tex and compromise water seal. I really prefer the blue ones but I want my boots to last as long as possible. So, I was wondering If you have noticed any problems with them wearing through the gore-tex of your boots?

-Genette, Diablo Valley, California


Ridge-free Green Superfeet Insoles
Ridge-free Green Superfeet Insoles

Thanks for your question, Genette, and I’m pleased to hear you are already using good insoles to support your feet!

For other Hiking Lady readers who aren’t familiar with what Genette is referring to, there are 2 popular types of Superfeet that are commonly worn by hikers: Green and Blue Superfeet. The Blue Superfeet are slightly lower volume, and have ridges on the bottom. The Green Superfeet are made of a thicker foam and provide more arch support, and are smooth on the bottom.

I personally wear the Blue Superfeet insoles, because I prefer how they are slightly lower volume than the Green insoles. NO, I have not noticed any additional wear on the Gore-Tex lining of my trail running shoes, backpacking boots, or mountaineering boots.

Superfeet does recommend that you wear a Green insert with Gore-Tex shoes and boots to avoid additional wear on the Gore-Tex liners, but I definitely haven’t had problems.

I never force them into my boots, but rather gently slip them in, so perhaps that helps avoid some of the wear. Also, I take them out of my boots after a hike, mainly so my boots and insoles can air out. That also may prevent some of the wear that other Superfeet users experienced.

Hope that helps.

Ridges on the Blue Superfeet Insoles
Ridges on the Blue Superfeet Insoles

Happy trails!
Hiking Lady

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  1. Bernard says:

    I have worn a pair of Green Superfeet with a pair of Lowa Renegade GTX boots for a number of years and then a pair of Copper Superfeet with my next pair of Lowa Renegade GTX boots. I will tell you, the Copper Superfeet were much more comfortable for my flat feet; which the REI sales person never checked when I bought the earlier pair of Green Superfeet. Despite the fact that the Copper are not recommended for the Gortex lining of the GTX boots, I have not had issues with over a year and a half of heavy use. YMMV. I would recommend knowing your arch type (high, medium, or low) before buying a pair of insoles and buy accordingly.

  2. Random Walker says:

    I agree with the Hiking Lady, have been wearing the Blue’s for quite sometime now with no worries…

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