Are Asolo Stynger Boots Good For Slick Surfaces?


Dear Hiking Lady,

A question about buying hiking boots. Years ago I went on a 5 week backpacking trip and know how important it is to have boots that fit great. Many years later (and 3 kids later) my feet are now wider and finding it hard to locate a pair of hiking boots that feel great. I ordered a pair of Vasque Sundowner boots and was shocked by the stiffness and discomfort when I put them on. I sent them back and ordered the Vasque Breeze GTX in Wide.

Wondering if the Asolo Stynger Boots would better fit the bill. Only thing I am concerned about is in the reviews – there are several that say BEWARE – You will fall on slick surfaces. That has me spooked. I figure you could tell me if are SLICKER than other brands.

Appreciate any thoughts you may have. Thanks,
Marlene, Huntington, WV


Excellent tread on my Asolo Stynger boots (even though they're well worn!)
Excellent tread on my Asolo Stynger boots (even though they're well worn!)

Hi Marlene, great question! I haven’t heard those reviews about the Asolo Stynger boots, but I can assure you that mine have excellent grip!

I cleaned my boots for the picture to the right, and as you can see despite having worn these regularly, the tread is still excellent and I have never had slippage problems.

In fact, I’ve worn these boots in a multitude of places:

  • Scrambling over rocks in Joshua Tree. No problems there even on sandy boulders.
  • In the rain and on wet rocks. I took my Asolo’s to Yosemite and did plenty of walking on wet and even icy rocks, wet leaves and moss and no problems.
  • Up to the summit of Mt. Whitney (highest peak in the lower 48 states), Mt. Langley, Mt. Goode, Mt. San Gorgonio, Mt. Baldy, and more. Never had slippage problems, even on downhills.

Hope that helps, Marlene! As you can tell I am a big fan of my Asolo Stynger boots, and would not be worried about slippage.

The most important thing for you will be fit – the Asolo Stynger’s can run a bit narrow, but so can the Vasque’s. Try them on a few hikes to check the comfort level.

My boots on slippery rocks in Joshua Tree
My boots on slippery rocks in Joshua Tree

Also remember, backpacking boots tend to be stiffer than hiking boots because they provide more support for your feet and back. The Asolo Stynger’s are a nice compromise – they provide plenty of support, and I find them to be more comfortable than some of the stiffer pairs on the market.

Happy trails!
Hiking Lady

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  1. Random Walker says:

    Companies use a spray on the molds so the soles pop out easier, after some hours on rock & trail this will be no problem..

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