How do I know what size stuff sack to get for my sleeping bag?


How do I know what size stuff sack to get for my sleeping bag? My sleeping bag is 3 lbs, 5 ounces, 35″ x 90″ made of synthetic material.

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Great question! Granite Gear Stuff Sacks Your sleeping bag is on the large side and it must be really warm given it’s weight! You’re going to need an XX-Large or XXX-Large compression sack. It just depends how much time you want to spend squishing down your sleeping bag into the compression stuff sack.

The best rule of thumb I’ve ever found is on the back of a Granite Gear package – they manufacture some great stuff sacks including the very popular Granite Gear Round Rock Solid Compression Sack. I used some information they provided and put together the table below.
Stuff Sack Sizing Guide

Sleeping Bag Storage & Stuff Sack Basics

If you’re backpacking:
If you are backpacking, you’ll want to compress down your sleeping bag as small as possible, which will provide more room in your backpack. I’d recommend a compression sack, which as you pointed out come in several sizes. Get the smallest size possible that fits your bag – you’ll be surprised how much sleeping bags can compress, especially down sleeping bags.

Synthetic bags don’t compress down as small as goose down bags, so be sure to use the table above as a guide.

If you’re car camping:
Compressing your sleeping bag down to be really small is overkill if you’re car camping. If you’re not backpacking and looking for a stuff sack to transport your sleeping bag from home to your campsite, you can get a regular stuff sack (not a compression sack).

Storing your sleeping bag at home
Use a large canvas, cotton, or nylon net bag. The idea is that you want your sleeping bag to be able to breath. This is particularly important for goose down sleeping bags.

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  1. david says:

    thanks for the great info! I recently went to peru and bought a 33L osprey talon daypack. I was looking to use it as a light weight backpacking pack also. With my 20F down sleeping bag in its stuff sack it takes up almost the whole main compartment. now i know what size compression bag to get.

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