Hiking Groups in the California Sierra Nevadas?


I plan to spend 3 months in the CA Sierras this summer. Do you have a list of women’s / hiking groups in CA Sierras?

Janet in the U.K.


Mt. Hurd, Sierra Nevadas
Mt. Hurd, Sierra Nevadas
You are going to have a wonderful time in the Sierra Nevadas! There are many great places for hiking, camping, and backpacking in the Sierras. I would highly recommend seeing Yosemite, then doing some backcountry exploring (if you like backpacking).

Besides Yosemite (which can get crowded with tourists in the summer), I like Sabrina Lake, Mt. Whitney (day hikes from the Whitney Portal campground are really nice), Cottonwood Lakes, and Sequoia National Park.

I have a list of organizations that you should find helpful. The group that is really good for CA Sierra Nevada trips is the Sierra Club – they have low cost trips as well as higher priced multi-day trips.

Also, the U.S. retailer REI has trips to Yosemite, backpacking trips in Sequoia, and a variety of 3 and 4 day Sierra Nevada trips.

Happy trails!
Hiking Lady

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi M R, thank you for your post. If anyone wants to contact you they can leave a message here and I will privately send them your email address. Hope you can find some people to go with you! They look like amazing trips!

  2. M R Mozell says:

    Good afternoon, Hiking Lady.

    I was hoping to ask you (and I am hoping this is permitted herein) if anyone would want to backpack this summer in Yosemite with me: I have wilderness passes for two trips for four persons (but this number may be able to be expanded) as follows:

    First trip:

    Entry Date: 07/19/2016
    Entry Trailhead: Old Big Oak Flat Road
    Exit Date: 07/22/2016
    Exit Trailhead: Mirror Lake->Snow Creek
    Number in Party: 4

    Our camp schedule is tentatively:

    First Night (7/18/16): Backpacker’s Campsite behind North Pines Campground (37.744252, -119.567248)

    On Trail Night One (7/19/16): Cascade Creek (37.742078, -119.702954)

    On Trail Night Two (7/20/16): Yosemite Falls Trail Junction (37.759078, -119.597597)

    On Trail Night Three (7/21/16): Snow Creek Trail “gravel bench” with “oh-my-God” views of Half Dome (37.769731, -119.538717)

    Fifth Night (7/22/16): Backpacker’s Campsite behind North Pines Campground (37.744252, -119.567248)

    Second trip:

    Entry Date: 08/09/2016
    Entry Trailhead: White Wolf->Pate Valley
    Exit Date: 08/12/2016
    Exit Trailhead: Glen Aulin
    Number in Party: 4

    Our camp schedule is tentatively:

    First Night (8/8/16): White Wolf Backpacker’s Campground (approximately 37.856519, -119.646840)

    On Trail Night One (8/9/16): Near Pate Valley/Tuolumne Trail Junction

    On Trail Night Two (8/10/16): Near Muir Gorge

    On Trail Night Three (8/11/16): Near Waterwheel Falls

    Fifth Night (8/12/16): Tuolumne Meadows Backpacker’s Campground (approximately 37.875506, -119.355629)

    All permit costs are covered for up to four: my group could not go and I do not wish to hike alone. You may contact me anytime (I live in Bodega Bay).

    Thanks much!

  3. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Julie!
    Great question.

    If you are looking for hikes very close to Mt. Hurd (Bishop, CA is the closest town), there are several trails from that same trailhead (Bishop’s Creek Trailhead at South Lake). You can hike to Chocolate Peak, or even Mt. Goode and Bishops Pass. Alternatively, you can drive up the road and head to Lake Sabrina, and enjoy some equally gorgeous views and hikes from there. I’d recommend picking up an Eastern Sierras guidebook.

    There are countless wonderful hikes along highway 395. Some of my personal favorites:

    Mt. Whitney. (near Lone Pine, CA) Even hiking a portion of the trail will be fun… this is the highest peak in the continental 48 states so not an easy one!

    Cottonwood Lakes. (also near Lone Pine, CA) You can hike up to Long Lake in a day hike, or go backpacking and head all the way to Mt. Langley. Great fishing if you are into that.

    Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. (near Bishop, CA) This is a ways off the highway 395 (about 20 miles on Highway 168, but something you must experience at least once in your life! Some of the trees are 3000 years old!.

    Mono Lake. A unique, salty lake that has loads of interesting wildlife and tufa towers. There are short hikes around the lake, and there are also some craters nearby that you can hike to.

    Have fun!

  4. Julie says:

    Hello Hiking Lady, This hike to Mt. Hurd sounds perfect for a day hike, can you recommend any others in the same area? My husband and I frequently drive from Tehachapi to Lake Tahoe and are looking for day hikes along the way.

  5. Hiking Lady says:

    What is great is that Mt. Hurd is visible from the South Lake trailhead, which is located about 20 miles southwest of Bishop, California. A moderate hike that has GORGEOUS views is from the South Lake trailhead to Long Lake. It’s just under 5 miles round trip with under 1000 feet of elevation gain. Have fun, Donna!

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