Size F Sports Bras?

Where can I find a Size F sports bra? I can’t seem to find any
company that makes a sport bra for a larger chested woman.


Excellent question!

Glamorise Hallelujah Bra
Glamorise Hallelujah Bra
One of my favorite brands, Moving Comfort, only makes up to size EE.

There is a brand I know of called Glamorise that makes size F and even size G sports bras.

Glamorise makes a total of 3 sports bras, including this one that looks like it would offer a decent amount of support for hiking.

They sell them at Title Nine online.

Hope that helps!

Happy trails!

Hiking Lady

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Amber! Thank you so much for sharing. “Too Much Information” doesn’t exist on the Hiking Lady website – the more we share, the better it is for all of us out there looking for solutions! 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. Amber says:

    Hello Hiking Lady,

    Title Nine is a great retailer for plus size bras. Another brand that I have had great success with is Elomi available through Nordstrom. They are on the spendy side ($64) for a sports bra, but they are underwire and made of breathable mesh. I wear a 38G and for most of my life had to double up wearing a traditional sports bra over an underwire one, even then I still had a lot of “movement”. These bras are GREAT!!! I can actually RUN with absolutely no bounce! And they lift and separate very well so there is no dreaded accumulation of perspiration. While this may fall under TMI, I know that I have spent YEARS looking for a good sports bra with very little success. For active women that have a larger bust, it can be really uncomfortable.

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