A Comfortable & Supportive Sports Bra!

Fiona sports bra Sports bras are one of those apparel items that we rarely talk about, but always wear when we’re hiking or trail running. Just like underwear, it falls into that category of gear that isn’t discussed, especially when the guys are around! 😉

A company called Moving Comfort has a new line of sports bras, and a super cool bra fit guide on their website that makes it really easy to find which bra is best for you. Since we are all different shapes and sizes, and we participate in a range of low impact to high impact activities, it’s about time a company made it easy to figure out what we need to wear!

I clicked through their fit guide and found that the High Impact Fiona bra is the best for me (according to their system!). So I’ve been giving it a try and here’s what I’ve found:


  • Unbelievably comfortable. This is the first sports bra I’ve owned that doesn’t squeeze and constrict…most are so uncomfortable I dread putting them on.
  • Great support for hiking and trail running. When I first put it on, I was concerned that it wouldn’t offer much support for high impact activities because it is so comfortable. However, it worked great for hiking, trail running, and cycling. I haven’t done sprints or intense running with it, but it definitely prevents jiggling and provides support for my favorite activities.
  • Easy to get on and adjust. Most sports bras I’ve worn in the past require a tight squeeze over my head and are a pain to get off. The Moving Comfort Fiona bra has an adjustable back closure, so it is a dream to get on and off. Plus, there are hidden velco straps on the front of the bra, so I could simply adjust it after it is on for an even better fit.
  • Stylish. Ok ok, perhaps this doesn’t matter since I wear it underneath my hiking tops, but I love the design and the colors are great… mine is the baby blue.


  • Price! Sports bras are pricey, and this one is no exception. The retail price is $44.
  • Nipples can show. I found the seam free molded cups offer great support, but not total coverage. With a top on I was fine, but for those of you who workout or bike ride with just a sports bra on, keep this in mind if you are concerned about modesty factor.


  • Material: 88% polyester/12% lycra
  • Care: Wash every 3 wears (I wash mine when it starts to smell…usually after a few hikes/trail runs). Hang dry or tumble dry low (I hang dry to extend the life of all my sports bras)
  • Price: MSRP $44.

The Fiona is definitely a comfortable sports bra with good support on the trail!

Happy trails!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi there. Love your blog. Have you tried the Handful Bra? I find it very comfortable and cute enough to be worn alone or under something. I am only a 34B so it may be better for smaller chested women for medium impact sports like hiking. It meets all of your pros above but also hides the nipples if you wear the removable pads. Price is about the same too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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