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Icebreaker Tech T Lite Petal
Icebreaker Tech T Lite Petal t-shirt
Icebreaker apparel is known for its environmental friendliness, great wicking abilities, and ability to wear for several days without holding your nose. Their classic Tech T Lite wicking t-shirts now are available in more feminine prints, and I have been wearing the “Tech T Lite Petal” as a baselayer on some spring hiking trips.


  • Very lightweight. Talk about a sheer baselayer… I can barely feel that I have anything on with this t-shirt.
  • No odor! This is why Icebreaker products are known to be so great… they don’t retain odor! After wearing this as a baselayer for a couple of days straight (on a backpacking trip In Joshua Tree National Park), I hardly noticed any odor. My other wicking baselayers do a decent job of keeping moisture off, but none are as good as Icebreaker products at keeping out odor.
  • Environmentally friendly! Icebreaker now enables consumers to trace exactly what farms in New Zealand their products are from. Each product has a unique “Baacode”. I was able to determine that my Tech T Lite came from 4 sheep stations in New Zealand, and I watched videos about each of them on the Icebreaker website. Cool!
  • Icebreaker trace tag
    The "Baacode"


  • Crew neck. The petal print is feminine, but the high crew neck can give the t-shirt a bit of a masculine look. Just a few millimeters of extra curve would really make this look and feel like a women’s specific tee.
  • Price! Icebreaker products are pricey, and the tech lite t-shirt is no exception.


  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Care: Normal wash, no bleach, hang or dry flat.
  • Price: MSRP $60

Happy trails!

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