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Do you like to hike? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Perhaps you’re in the market for hiking gear but don’t know what to buy?

Whether your idea of a hike is a walk on a secluded path close to home, a serene day hike in beautiful Yosemite National Park, or climbing a peak, Hiking Lady is the place to develop and share a passion for the outdoors!


The mountains are calling and I must go

– John Muir

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Pine Knot Trail
Easy Hikes Near Big Bear Lake, California

As a Southern Californian, one of my favorite summertime spots is Big Bear Lake, just a couple of hours from Los Angeles. Up in the San Bernardino Mountains, the air is clear, the temperatures are cooler, and it is a peaceful getaway from Los Angeles. My two favorite easy hikes in Big Bear:  Castle … Read more…

BloodSTOP wound care
Win BloodSTOP wound care for your first aid kit!

Do you want your hiking first aid kit to be complete? Then you should enter to win a package of BloodSTOP wound care. BloodSTOP helps stop bleeding fast! It works as a non-irritating hemostatic agent, that resembles traditional gauze. What it does is adhere to a wound, without the discomfort of an adhesive bandage. Therefore, … Read more…

Cadence Insoles
Win Cadence Insoles for Your Hiking Boots!

Simply sign up below for a chance to win. Cadence Insoles is a California based company that makes incredible hiking insoles. Check out the Hiking Lady article The Best Insoles for Hikers to learn more! Cadence Insoles are designed by a Physical Therapist, with the goal of providing semi-rigid orthotic support while also providing shock … Read more…

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.

– John Muir, Our National Parks

Hiking 101

Get started at Hiking 101! Here I share my tips for choosing the right gear you’ll need for hiking, backpacking, and all outdoor adventures.

If you want to know what features to look for in a pair of boots, or figure out if you should be using trekking poles, start at Hiking 101.

 Only You Can Prevent Wildfires

Learn more at smokeybear.com

Outdoor Fun

Do you love spending time outdoors? In Outdoor Fun find Places to Go, learn about the fun sport of Geocaching, and find a hiking group.

If a tree falls in the forest…be there to hear it.

– Unknown

Gear Reviews

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

– Albert Einstein

Take a look around, and then go enjoy the outdoors!

Blister Prevention Tips

After I sent out my most recent Hiking Lady’s Newsletter with tips on how to avoid sweaty feet and blisters, I got a few follow-up questions. I recommended using a liner sock/outer sock combination as well as making sure your boots are comfortable and fit your feet well. Some readers find that their feet aren’t … Read more…


One thing I absolutely must have on the trail is a hiking hat. Since I spend a lot of time in sunny California, I try to reduce exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays by wearing UPF hats, as well as sunglasses. A simple baseball hat or visor is ok for short trips, but not … Read more…

Backpack Sizing…Please Help!

QUESTION: I have a relatively long torso, am 5’5″, 136 pds….My torso measurement is 18 inches. I need a smallish daypack that has a good hip belt (my shoulders get sore easily). So far I have tried the Manta 30, the Aventura, and the Jade 28. According to my measurements I should be a small. … Read more…