And the Best Hiking Underwear Is….

What is the best hiking underwear for women? If you’ve already read the Hiking Lady’s Hiking 101: Hiking Underwear, then read on. You know what to shop for! Otherwise, check that out then continue on here. Last month the search began for the best hiking underwear (see Hiking Lady Blog post: The Best Hiking Underwear?)

Since then, I’ve been wearing and washing a few pairs of women’s underwear, attempting to find the best one! I’ve carefully evaluated the comfort level, how quickly they air dry, and whether they reduce odor or not.

Hiking Underwear
From top left to right: ExOfficio Bikini Briefs, ExOfficio Lacy Low Rise, Icebreaker Sprite Hot Pant, Patagonia Bikini Brief

Most Comfortable

Isis Sport Briefs: The cut of the Isis Sports Brief is comfortable – these panties provide plenty of coverage and because they are so soft on the skin I don’t notice them during a long day of hiking.

Patagonia Women’s Active Brief: Talk about soft! The Patagonia Active Hipsters are definitely comfortable… they don’t ride up and the waistband lays flat, so the hip belt of my backpack doesn’t rub at all.

Quickest Drying Time

ExOfficio Give N Go Briefs: Need panties that will dry fast? These are definitely highly wicking panties, and along with the even cuter (but a little less comfortable) ExOfficio Give N Go Lacy panties, they were the fastest drying I’ve found! Check out my gear reviews: ExOfficio Give N Go Briefs and ExOfficio Give N Go Lacy panties.

For Environmental Purists

Icebreaker Sprite Hot Pant Underwear: Just like other Icebreaker products, these panties are made of superfine merino wool from sheep living peacefully on farms in the mountains of New Zealand. Manufacturing is done with recycled water and heat, and dyes are eco-friendly. It is hard to find anything greener than that!

Be sure to check out the full gear reviews on each. Remember that all of us are such different shapes and sizes, that your preferences may be different. Good luck underwear hunting, and happy trails!


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Moxie,
    None of them were particularly great at reducing odor, but if I had to choose just one pair, I’d say the Patagonia Hipsters reduced odor the best.
    Great question, and happy trails!

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Blissful! thanks for the tip. I just checked out the website. Any tips on which style you found best? The Hi-Cut and boy short both look like good trail options, especially if they are seamless like the website suggests.

  3. HeatherBee says:

    Thank you do much for posting this. I have been looking for something to replace the Patagonia Boy Shorts that I have been wearing. They tend to move when you walk. Running out to grab a pair of the other Patagonias before this weekend’s hikes.

  4. Hiking Lady says:

    Hey Rockin’ – Glad the reviews were helpful. Good luck on all your PCT hikes! Love your site! 🙂

    Hey Trail Walker – Thanks! Appreciate it.

  5. Rockin' says:

    You have tested underwear that I have wondered about especially the ExOfficio Lacy. I love the Patagonia Active Hipster and Active Brief panties for on and off the trail. They can pass for a swim suit coupled with a sports bra for glacier lake dips when skinny dipping is out of the question. Thanks for this great review.

  6. Trail Walker says:

    Thanks for the reviews; most informative and extremely useful – sure saves us hikers a lot of time by being able to see, read and use your experience with the various products that you review.
    I look forward to your reviews; keep up the great work!!

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