ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Panties

ExOfficio Lacy Low Rise
ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Low Rise

ExOfficio is well known for their top quality bug repellant apparel, and their underwear that is super quick drying and odor resistant. The company often markets their underwear with the byline…17 countries, 6 weeks, one pair of underwear. The underwear better be good for that kind of wear and repeated washing!

As seen in my review of the ExOfficio original Give-N-Go panties, they definitely are top quality, but for me, the fit was just not right. For many of you, I’ve heard that you love them. Others say they bunch up. As with something as personal as underwear, it really boils down to personal preferences, but here I do my best to review and give a fair assessment of products I’ve tried so you can make smarter purchases.

ExOfficio has spiced up their underwear line with these new Give-N-Go Lacy panties, that they are calling “technically sexy”! Creative!


  • Comfortable. Just like the original ExOfficio Give-N-Gos, these Lacy panties are soft. For me the fit was similar to the originals… just not enough coverage in the back. They definitely look good though!
  • Dry quickly. The panties wick moisture well, and are quick dry. Because there is even less material than the ExOfficio Bikini Briefs, I found them to dry even faster (in my tests they dried in just over 2 hours if I wrung out all the moisture first.)
  • Odor Reducing. The underwear is treated with Aegis Microbe Shield that helps control odor causing bacteria. I have found that ExOfficio underwear, the original bikini briefs as well as this Lacy panty, are the best I’ve found for odor control.


  • Price! They cost $18, so look for them on sale. Amazingly this is one of the more reasonably priced pairs of women’s technical underwear on the market.
  • Cut a little low. They definitely look GREAT, but ones that were a slight bit higher would be more comfortable on the trail.


  • Size range: XS-2X
  • Materials: 94% Nylon, 6% Lycra Spandex
  • Price: $18

Overall I think these new Give-N-Go Lacy panties are good quality, and will be a good option for some of you out there. For now I’ll be sticking to less sexy underwear when I’m out backpacking!

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