Beautifully Designed Walking Sticks

Brazos Fitness Walkers Hiking Lady readers know why I’m such a big proponent of using trekking poles…they reduce stress on our precious knee joints and provide a lot more stability when hiking. See Hiking 101: Trekking Poles.

Brazos Walking Sticks
Testing out the Brazos Fitness Walkers

Typically I have used ultralight carbon fiber or aluminum poles, but recently I had the chance to test a pair of hand crafted Brazos Walking Sticks. These are beautifully designed trekking poles that I’ve been using on local day hikes to much enjoyment (and arm workout!). The pair I tried are the 48 inch Fitness Walkers.


  • Beautiful design. Unlike the highly manufactured aluminum or carbon fiber poles that can be found at outdoor stores, Brazos Walking Sticks make you feel like you’re one with nature… gripping onto distinctive polished oak poles.
  • Ergonomic grips. The grips are easy to hold and are well designed.
  • Solid rubber base. Because Brazos Walking Sticks have a wider diameter than metal alternatives, the rubber grips have much more surface area.
Brazos -- sizeable rubber base
Brazos -- sizeable rubber base


  • Heavy. Because these are made of wood, they are super solid and also much heavier than hollow carbon fiber and aluminum trekking poles. What that does mean is that your arms will get a fantastic workout if you walk with these, which some people will consider a “Pro”!


  • Sizes: 41 inches, 48 inches, 55 inches, and 58 inches. Your size will depend on your height.
  • Price: $42 for a pair.
  • Weight: 0.99 lbs each.

Overall I really like the look of these walking sticks, and walking with these are definitely a way to get your arms and legs in shape!

Want to know more about trekking poles? Check out Hiking 101: Trekking Poles.

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  1. Neil Fahey says:

    They look really nice… I rarely use my poles for an entire walk though, so I think I’d prefer poles that fold down. I’d like to give them a go anyway.

  2. Trail Walker says:

    Thanks for the review. I have always used composite or even plastic poles because of the weight; but if these poles are so light I will need to try them, they look like keepers!

    You do a good job for us.


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