Little Kids Hiking Clothes: KÜHL Kids Review

little kids hiking apparelHow do you get your children to love the outdoors? Get them outside and make sure they are comfortable! One of the easiest ways to do that is to make an investment into quality little kids hiking clothes, just as you would for yourself. Case in point – Hiking Toddler (now 3) loves the snow because he doesn’t get cold. Proper gear is essential, and today I’m taking an in depth look at two boys’ hiking pieces that they are sure to love from KÜHL: KÜHL Revolvr Pants and KÜHL Revel 1/4 Zip pullover.


For those of you not familiar with KÜHL, they are an authentic mountain apparel brand with the motto “Born in the Mountains”. KÜHL’s company goal is to get their customers outdoors to have fun, so what better way to do that then by making high quality apparel for the whole family. From my own experience wearing KÜHL products (see Hiking Lady review), they are functional, durable, comfortable, and stylish. I love it when brands extend their apparel lines to little kids hiking clothing, plus size hiking clothing, and even accessories (hats, duffel bags, etc.). KÜHL has done just that with their line of little kids hiking apparel.

KÜHL Revolvr Pants

We have been testing KÜHL’s Revolvr Pants for boys, and the verdict is an A+! These pants provide plenty of freedom of movement, are quick drying, protective, and well made. These appear to be made with the same quality and features as KÜHL’s adult hiking apparel. Features include:

  • Gusseted inseams
  • Articulated knees
  • An adjustable inner waistband (I don’t buy little kids clothing without this…shorts or pants. Children grow quickly! Plus, if you want multiple children to be able to wear the hand-me-down pants or shorts, you’ll definitely want an adjustable waistband).
  • Made of a cotton/nylon/spandex blend so they are comfortable and still quick drying
  • 5 pockets plus small left thigh pocket. KÜHL calls it a cellphone pocket, but my little guy doesn’t have a cellphone and loves it as a place to store small sticks he collects on the trail!
  • UPF 50 rated (this is very good sun protection)

There is a lot Hiking Toddler and I love about these pants! Just take a look at these pictures!

KUHL Boy's Revolvr Pants in Gunmetal
Articulated knees mean freedom of movement!
Gusseted crotch for freedom of movement
Gusseted crotch for freedom of movement
Adjustable inner waistband
Adjustable inner waistband

KÜHL Revel 1/4 Zip Pullover

This boy’s pullover is an essential layer for children in all climates. It has been perfect for Hiking Toddler on cool California Fall/Winter days, and as the key mid layer under his winter jacket for snow days in the mountains. Similar to the Revolvr Pants, there is intense focus by KÜHL on the details: 5 panel sleeves for better movement, flatlock stitching, and soft quick drying fabric. In fact, it is made with Kashmira performance fleece, which is remarkably soft yet highly durable.

The KUHL Boy's Revel 1/4 Zip
The KUHL Boy’s Revel 1/4 Zip
Reinforced elbows make it durable
Reinforced elbows
This layer won't wear out with stitching like that!
This layer won’t wear out with stitching like that!
Hiking Clothes for Kids: KUHL Boy's Revel 1/4 Zip
Soft lined collar of the KUHL Boy’s Revel 1/4 Zip

KÜHL as an Investment

Now that I have two hiking boys (Hiking Toddler and Hiking Baby!), it is clearly worth the investment to buy quality boys hiking apparel that they can both wear. The price points of some of their products is higher than REI private label products, but below that of what I would consider to be comparable authentic mountain brands (i.e., Patagonia) that have a sharp focus on ALL of the details. The Boys’ Revolvr Pants retail for $55.00 and the Boys’ Revel 1/4 Zip pullover also retail for $55.00. However, this is only a few dollars more than REI Co-op’s Sahara Convertible Pants for boys ($49.95). By comparsion to a similar higher end product, the Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter Zip boy’s pullover retails for $79! In my opinion, these two pieces from KÜHL are hands down a fantastic investment for little kids hiking clothes.

Happy trails!

Special Note: KÜHL read this review and was so pleased that I took this in depth look at their boys’ hiking apparel they decided to offer a pair of KÜHL Women’s Hiking Pants to one lucky reader of Hiking Lady! Check out the KÜHL Women’s Pants Giveaway! Good luck!

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