Balega Kids Socks Review

If you love hiking as much as I do, then you want to be out exploring a trail as much as possible. Sometimes with a pair of hiking boots; other times with a pair of trail runners. Sometimes you’ll be out there with friends; other times with family; other times alone; and sometimes with your kids! Today I’m going to introduce you to a sock company that you probably have never heard of but they make the best running socks on the market: Balega. Balega makes running socks (hopefully they’ll eventually make hiking socks), and they also make kids running socks!

Balega Kids Socks
Balega Kids Socks

Balega Kids Socks

There are a few things that make Balega kids socks special. Balega has one model of children’s socks, the Kids Hidden Cool socks. They offer much of the same high quality, super comfortable feel of the adult socks, such as the extra deep heel pocket. Don’t you hate when socks slip down into your shoes? The extra deep heel pocket on both the adult version and the kids version prevent that from happening. Just as importantly, they are made of Balega’s proprietary Drynamix moisture wicking fibers, which I just love.

Now, for the really good part… they are far less expensive than the adult version. The Kids Hidden Cool socks are just $5.50 a pair, and are most similar to the adult version called the Hidden Comfort Running Socks that retail for $13.00. (Tip: If you have a small foot, i.e,. a woman’s size 7 or smaller, consider buying the kids socks to save some money!)

Features of Balega Kids Hidden Cool

  • High heel tabs at the back of the sock will line the inside of your child’s shoes
  • Made from US yarn
  • Soft, protective cushioning
  • Seamless toe box (I love this feature – it helps prevent blisters, and no parent wants to deal with a crying child with blisters!)
  • Elasticated arch support
  • Mesh construction (This keeps your kiddos/your feet nice and cool!
  • Machine washable on warm
  • All Balega socks are inspected by hand! In fact, there is a small removable sticker with a picture of the person who inspected the socks on each pair you purchase. That’s a very nice added touch to ensure quality control.

Balega Kids Socks Specs

  • Colors: The Kids Hidden Cool Running Socks come in a range of fun color combinations for both boys, girls, and unisex socks.
  • Sizes: They come in kids sizes M-XL, which equates to the following kid sizes:
    Balega Kids Sock Sizing
  • Price: $5.50 at or

Hope you try a pair of Balega Hidden Comfort Socks for yourself and one for your kiddos! I love mine and when Hiking Baby’s feet are big enough I know he’ll love them too!

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