Salomon Quest 4D Women’s Hiking Boot Review

Salomon Quest 4D Women's boots The Salomon Quest 4D Women’s Boots are comfortable and durable hiking boots for ideal for women who want a boot with minimal break-in time.

These are great boots for moderate to intense day hiking as well as light backpacking trips.

Plus, for those of you with longer feet, these come in size 11!

What Hiking Lady Likes About the Salomon Quest 4D Women’s Boots:

  • Comfortable and lightweight. The Salomon Quest 4D’s are comfortable and lightweight, meaning that you’re feet will be happy and you’re much more likely to want to get outside and hike!
  • Great for all types of terrain. Sand, mud, rocks…these boots can handle it.
  • Gilly (Ghillie) lacing system. This helps provide a secure fit. What is a Gilly (Ghillie) Lacing System? It is a lacing system that originated in the Scottish Highlands and it involves a system of rings and loops over the tongue of a boot or shoe, rather than eyelets punctured into the boot or shoe.
  • Good support. These are more supportive than a boot such as the Merrell Moab Mid Top Women’s Boots, but don’t weigh as much as the heavy (but even more rugged) Oboz Wind River II backpacking boots.
Hiking Lady trail testing the Salomon Quest 4D Women's Hiking Boots
Hiking Lady trail testing the Salomon Quest 4D Women’s Hiking Boots
Gusseted tongue helps keep out debris and the "Gilly" lacing system helps keep the fit snug.
Gusseted tongue helps keep out debris and the “Gilly” lacing system helps keep the fit snug.
Excellent tread.
Salomon Quest 4D boots


The verdict? If you’re looking for a lightweight hiking boot with limited break-in time required, the Salomon Quest 4D’s are a good choice, especially if you value comfort and don’t require a stiff shank for more intense backpacking and mountaineering activities.

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Shalla,

    Since you love your Salomon Quest’s, I’d say you should stick with the brand and get the Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP. Yes the name is a mouthful, but the fit should be pretty similar and while I haven’t tried them out yet myself they look cool. They just came out last month and the previous version got excellent reviews. Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting Hiking Lady 😉

  2. shalla says:

    I absolutely love these boots and they didnt require any break in time. I have been hiking 3-5 mountains in NH with them every week for the last 5 months and they fit like a glove and never give me blisters or pain. The only thing I could say is I think one foot is taking in water…I might have a seam leak. But I bought them at REI so if this spring I have a problem I plan on returning them for the same pair.

    I am looking for a trail runner for the summer if you can recommend a good pair!

  3. Debi says:

    Glad to hear they worked well for someone else. Isle Royale is on my summer list!

    I returned these boots to REI. (Yes, my socks were right; I feel like the height interfered with my movement.)
    I now have a pair of Salewa that I adore.

  4. Melissa Cigallio says:

    I just did a five day solo in Isle Royale NP with these and about 27lb of gear in my Ospery. I have wide feet and with other boots in the past have lost multiple toenails and had horrible, I MEAN HORRIBLE, blisters. With these boots the coming down rocky terrain still sucked a little but that is the way the cookie crumbles. Otherwise very comfy, not too heavy, and I only lost one pinky toenail and never developed a full on blister just a hotspot.

  5. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Debi!

    Great question. Sorry to hear about your bruising. 21 miles is a long hike for breaking in a pair of boots. I’d recommend that you tie them a little bit looser next time and see how it goes. You want to feel secure in the boot, but you shouldn’t be cutting off your circulation! Also, did you wear thick socks that covered your ankle and lower portion of your calf? I’m assuming you did, but I just want to double check. If you still have bruising when you hike with them again, then these just aren’t the right boots for you and you’ll either want to go with a mid top boot or else try another brand.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  6. Debi says:

    Thanks for this review, and for your site. I just hiked 21 miles in these boots, and had bruising rings around my legs where the boot tops were. Is this something I’ll acclimate to? Did I wear them too tightly? Should I opt for a mid height boot instead?
    This boot felt great otherwise. Good traction, light weight, nice toe box…I wear this brand in trail shoes and love them, too.
    I need size 11, so my boot options are limited unless I move into men’s footwear. I guess I’m wondering whether I should return them or keep them.

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