Timberland Women’s Pinkham Notch Hiking Boots

Timberland Pinkham Notch Hiking Shoe
Testing the Timberland Pinkham Notch Hiking Boots

Timberland has introduced a new, fashionable women’s hiking boot, the Pinkham Notch Hiker. How do they hold up on the trail? I did some thorough testing to find out.

These shoes are named after a mountain pass in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. With unpredictable weather, and rugged terrain, the Pinkham Notch is definitely a challenging place to hike! Were these shoes aptly named for the Pinkham Notch?

Features that I like:

  • Waterproof leather and suede upper. These shoes are definitely waterproof! Instead of Gore-Tex, Timberland is uses a proprietary waterproofing technology that uses an internal waterproof membrane. It makes the boot lighter, and more waterproof! Check out the video below showing my waterproofness test.
  • Rugged, rubber outsole. The outsole of these shoes is good for light to moderate hiking, especially in wet conditions. Their is no shank in the shoe, so they are not suitable for backpacking or extremely rocky terrain. They were great for the dayhikes I tested them on.
  • Timberland Pinkham Notch sole
    Timberland Pinkham Notch sole
  • Comfortable. Because these shoes are designed for light hiking, they are lightweight, and therefore very comfortable. They are constructed of a mix of leather and suede.
  • D-ring lacing. This enables a more customizable fit. Definitely a great feature, and one I like to see on hiking shoes I wear!

Best use of the Timberland Pinkham Notch hiking boots?

  • Hiking in very rainy, muddy conditions. I was amazed at how waterproof these shoes are! I hope that Timberland makes some trail running shoes using the same waterproof technology! Check out the video below to see the waterproof test in action.
  • Moderate terrain. These are good for relatively well maintained trails. For rocky terrain, I prefer a stiffer shank and a reinforced toe box.

Overall, Pinkham Notch Hikers are a good choice for light to moderate hiking because of the comfort level, durability, and waterproofness. Their fashionability is an added bonus!

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  1. Kathryn Witte Thoma says:

    If anyone is interested in a pair of these, I’ve just put MY unused pair (size 8.5) on eBay. Thanks for giving them such a great review!

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Great question. Unfortunately Timberland doesn’t make them any more. Amazon had them for sale for awhile, and they are currently sold out. Perhaps they’ll have some used pairs on there at some point.

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