currexSole EdgePRO Insoles Review


If you buy a pair of new boots and realize that the insoles are thin, flimsy, and offer no support, you must get a pair of enhanced insoles.

What are enhanced insoles? They are premium insoles that provide additional support and stability, and in many cases can help support specific weaknesses in your feet or arch.

currexSole is the most awarded insole brand in Europe, and feature a dynamic and specific fit. Most insole brands have specific fit for various arch profiles, but currexSole not only has specific fits for foot types, but also body weights, and leg/knee angles! Plus, they have a range of insole types for runners, hikers, etc., so you can buy a pair specific to your sport. (See below, the Medium Profile EdgePRO’s I tested):

currexSole EdgePro Insoles
currexSole EdgePro Insoles

Which currexSole Style is Best for Hikers?

currexSole has a wide range of options for various sports, such as BikePRO, RunPRO, RunFREE, and ActivePRO (ball sports, gym workouts).

currexSole EdgePRO details (from currexSole's website)
currexSole EdgePRO details (from currexSole’s website)

The currexSole insoles for hikers are their “EdgePRO” model, which come in three different profile styles.

How to Determine Which Profile Fits You?

Check out the currexSole website.

Hiking Lady’s Thoughts:

currexSole EdgePRO’s are a good insole option for hikers. The pricing is high, but not too far off from other leading brands such as Superfeet. I like the orthotic support combined with a decent amount of cushion. Plus, the customization level is excellent – it makes it worth the cost of these insoles! I hope they get more distribution in the U.S. soon.


  • Retail price: $49.95
  • Where to buy? RunPRO is available in the US; EdgePRO is available in Canada and Europe.
  • Weight: EdgePro mediums weigh 46 grams (1.58 ounces)

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