An Ideal Camping Table: The Timber Ridge Portable Camping Table

Timber Ridge Portable Camping TableNow that we are gearing up to take Hiking Baby on some camping trips, we needed an essential dual use camping table to add to our camping gear supplies. I wanted a camping table that could be used by toddlers or adults, double as a backyard or indoor play table for children, and also be an extra outdoor table for adults for a summer picnic or BBQ. That is a lot to ask, but luckily I found the The Timber Ridge Portable Camping Table. Weighing a mere 10 pounds and sporting a built in carry handle, it is very easy to transport and can slide into the back of an SUV for a camping trip,

Features of the Timber Ridge Portable Camping Table

  • Dual height. As noted above, the table is ideal for children in the 21 inch setting (Hiking Baby, currently a 2.5 year old, loves it!).
  • Table surface is easily cleanable.
  • Easy to set up. It can be set up in less than a minute. Just unfold it, click the table locking mechanisms closed, and adjust the legs to the desired height.
  • Easy to transport. The table has a built in carrying handle and the folded dimensions are relatively small, so even an older child could help you carry it to your camping spot.
  • Good for outdoor or indoor use. The table legs have rubber grips so it won’t slip, especially on smooth indoor surfaces.
  • Multi-use. The table is perfect for camping trips, outdoor BBQs, an extra indoor table, a children’s play table, etc.
  • Good value. At $64.99, it is less expensive than similar quality tables.

In the slideshow below, you can see some of the great attributes of the Timber Ridge Portable Table. Namely its sturdiness, ease of use, and compactness when folded.

Ready for campers!
Timber Ridge Portable Camping Table
Strong aluminum frame
Two adjustable heights: the lower height is perfect for young kids
Timber Ridge Portable Hiking Table dimensions
Dimensions of the Timber Ridge Camping Table
Easy to fold down

Specs of the Timber Ridge Portable Hiking Table

  • Weight: The Timber Ridge Portable Camping Table weighs 10 pounds and is easy to transport.
  • Height: As already noted, a unique feature of this table is that it can be set at two different heights: one ideal for children, the other for adults. 21 inches and 28 inches.
  • Packed dimensions: 26×3.5×25.5 inches
  • Materials: Powder coated aluminum frame and heat resistant table top
  • Pricing: $64.99

Where to buy:

You can buy the Timber Ridge Portable Camping Table at

Happy trails!

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Barry,
    Glad to hear it! Yep, the rubber grippers on the leg bottoms is super helpful 🙂
    Happy trails!

  2. Barry says:

    Indeed, one of the best you could get on the market.

    I have one but I have to admit that I don’t quite take it with me in the woods. I’m using it in the garage though. What I love about it is that the leg bottoms have rubber grippers so it doesn’t slide around on tile or wood floors. Pretty neat!

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