Hiking Essentials

hikingWhether you’re a beginner or you’re a full-fledged pro, there are some things you’ll always need when you’re looking to create an incredible hiking experience. Even though it may make sense to travel as light as possible, it’s still important to avoid hiking empty-handed. There are a few essentials you’ll definitely need for the journey. In order to have the best hiking experience possible, make sure to keep these three necessities in tow.

1. Supportive Shoes
Take a look at your shoe collection. If it’s filled with sandals, pumps, and casual sneakers, it’s time to head to the nearest shoe store. Even if you have tons of sneakers, it’s important to make sure those sneakers have supportive insoles. Out of all the footwear on the market, hiking boots will be your best friend. If you’d like to avoid painful blisters and potential falls, get a hiking boot with good tread. If you aren’t carrying a heavy backpack and don’t need the support of a boot, there are plenty of low top hiking shoes to choose from. Your feet will carry you through this journey. Make sure you support them well.

2. Travel Gear
Since your feet are traversing up mountainous hills and pathways, this is certainly a journey you need to pack for. Travel backpacks come in handy because they’re created with a hiker’s needs in mind. You’ll need a pocket for your valuables such as the wallet, keys and cell phone. You’ll also want space for water, so you can stay hydrated. Depending on the time of the year, you might want to carry a heated thermos. Travel gear includes organizers and accessories that will make your trip a lot easier to manage. Invest in a good bag and you’ll experience the difference it makes.

3. Proper Attire 

Mid Layer (fleece vest) and Outerlayer (rain jacket)

If you’re traveling in the cold weather, it might make sense to find the bulkiest coat to wear. In actuality, it’s best to layer up when you’re traveling in the cold. Light layers underneath a warm coat will keep you mobile. There’s nothing like having a ton of heavy layers and struggling to move one foot in front of the other. Even in the warmer months, you’ll want to wear layers or keep them available in your backpack. Depending on where you’re hiking, the wind chill factor and temperatures can change along the journey. Keeping layers available will help you avoid getting sick.

These three essentials will not only make your experience enjoyable, but they’ll also help keep your body safe. When you’re covered in these areas, you can solely focus on having a great time on your hike.

Happy trails!

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  1. Beth says:

    Layering is key! I definitely agree. I always take a windbreaker with me in my backpack. Great info HL.

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