Win My Favorite Backpack – Gregory Deva 60L Backpack!

Okay Hiking Lady readers!  This month we have a giveaway that I am extremely excited about… my favorite backpack – the Gregory Deva 60L backpack!  (See the Hiking Lady Review of the Gregory Deva 60L here)

Our friends at Massdrop are the sponsors of this giveaway, and they have partnered with Hiking Lady this month to bring attention to the new Outdoor category on their website.  Massdrop is a group purchasing site, where community members can discuss the best gear, then buy products at a highly discounted price.  For example, Massdrop currently has the SteriPEN Adventurer Opti for $60.99, compared to $89.95 MSRP!

What is really cool is that there are a lot message threads, where people talk about their favorite gear, and there are also polls where you can vote on your favorite tent, sleeping bag, etc.  It truly is an engaged community!


How to sign up?!

How do you sign up to win the Gregory Deva 60L backpack this month?  Here’s the link!  Go to the Massdrop website, sign in (don’t worry it is free), and click on the communities you are interested in.   Tip:  The “Ultralight” community has a lot of great gear for those of us who pack light, and the new “Outdoors” community is currently in the “Massdrop Hub.”


Good luck!  The winner will be chosen at the end of February!

Happy trails!

Update! Winner Announced!>

Congratulations to Lael Richards who won the backpack! Thank you to everyone who participated 🙂


  1. Nathan says:

    Very lucky in finding your website as I just took my girlfriend on her first camping & hiking trip. She really enjoyed the adventure but I know she will now wan’t to get all the best gear 🙂 Do you know if Massdrop ship to Australia?

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Glad you like the website! Yes, if you just click on the link and sign up on Massdrop, they will know you came from Hiking Lady and you’ll be entered. Thanks!

  3. Laura says:

    Hi, just found your site and am SO glad. Looking forward to reading more as my kids and I explore more and commit to longer and longer hikes along the AT (we live just a few miles from the Delaware Water Gap trailhead in PA…)

    I followed the link and signed up for the Ultralight community on Massdrop. Does this automatically enter me in the giveaway for the backpack…?


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