Win an Eddie Bauer DownTek Jacket!

DownTekDo you want your own, high quality, water repellent Eddie Bauer DownTek jacket? Then you must enter this month’s contest!

One lucky winner will receive the Eddie Bauer Downlight StormDown Hooded Jacket, size small, shown in the picture. It is super lightweight, and made with DownTek, the incredible moisture resistant down that is able to maintain its loft and insulating properties even in wet conditions.

DownTek Hiking Lady giveaway
DownTek Hiking Lady giveaway

Enter the contest by writing a comment below for your chance to win. Winner will be selected at random, and announced April 30, 2015.

Thank you to DownTek and Eddie Bauer for providing this jacket! Be sure to follow them on Facebook!

Retail price $249.

May 1, 2015 Update: Winner announced!

Congratulations to Donna, who was selected as the lucky winner of the EddieBauer DownTEK jacket. Thank you to everyone who entered, and be sure enter this month’s Hiking Lady contest! Thanks!


  1. Donna says:

    Dear Hiking Lady!

    Thank you , thank you for the beautiful pink down jacket. I absolutely LOVE it and it fits perfectly :). It’s so exciting for me to win something and what a fabulous prize. Thank you again. Donna

  2. Denise Kendrick says:

    I would love to have this down jacket! It is so cute, I need a new jacket and
    pink is my color!

  3. Jana Kirkwood says:

    Pretty in Pink…hiking on the trail!!
    Love this jacket!! Dedicated Eddie Bauer consumer!!

  4. Kristen Braddock says:

    I am planning on Thru-Hiking the AT in 2016 and have to try and win as much sponsorship/ freebies as I can being a twenty-something fresh out of college. But I WILL find a way to get out there next year, I am a determined young lady. Anything will help, this would be a GREAT start!

  5. Jessica Velasco says:

    New journey to a healthier life style, my new door the outdoors! Perfect wear for my new hiking, and camping in the winter journey.

  6. Chantal says:

    I love your reviews and I could actually really use this to expand my outdoor experience from two seasons to three comfortably.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Gorgeous color, would love to win! My husband and I are taking our first backpacking trip in a couple weeks, this would be perfect to bring with me!

  8. Irena says:

    This jacket would be a perfect gift for my birthday (which is tomorrow πŸ™‚
    I would love to wear it on my hiking adventures on beautiful mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina ! ❀

  9. SahanaR says:

    Planning to hike (my first solo) the Grand Canyon in winter. Lots of good tips on your website! Not to mention the chance to win πŸ™‚

  10. Angi McCarthy says:

    What a nice jacket…and waterproof to boot! Would love to take this on my 12 day hiking trip this summer πŸ™‚

  11. Gail K says:

    New to your website Hiking Lady, really enjoying all the great information. Would love the chance to win this Eddie Bauer jacket. Come hiking to Vancouver Island!

  12. Regine Minguer says:

    I’m so exited this may the 20th I’m going to this 10,000 ft mountain in LA BAJA Mexico called PICACHO DEL DIABLO for 5 days … Super exited because is my first multi day hiking trip and that’s how I’m going to celebrate my 29th bday!!!! Yeiiii!

  13. Melanie Ellis says:

    It would be a great early bday present! (2 weeks before my birthday!) I need a nice down jacket before I move out to Montana.

  14. Joy says:

    This Eddie Bauer Downtek jacket would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Iceland! Not only would I be warm and dry, but I would look good too!

  15. Bryan says:

    I SO need a lightweight warm layer like this for my shoulder season backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon and southern Utah. It is usually dry there — except when it isn’t! – and having downtek would work for both conditions.

  16. Sally Morley says:

    Wow! My favorite color, and what a great product! Eddie Bauer and The Hiking Lady rock! I would be so grateful if I won this jacket!

  17. Kieta Soha says:

    My uncle and I have always been a fan of Eddie Bauer products, and we wear them every time we go mountain climbing in high-elevation in Asia. This jacket is absolutely perfect. Size small. Purple. Lightweight. I go to a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts where the mountains turn this shade of purple every Fall in the Berkshires. I would love to wear the colors of the mountains and sky on me through this jacket every day in the year.

  18. Penny says:

    I would love to win this jacket. I just bought the vest that you recommended and need a down jacket now for next season. I love reading your articles. We just went to the Channel Islands and hiked for the day per your recommendation. Thanks so much!!!

  19. JoAnn Wampler says:

    I am a size small, love the color, and backpack where it rains. I would love to win this jacket.

  20. Danielle Lyndon says:

    Have worn Eddie Bauer clothing for years and would really appreciate wearing this jacket. Love the color.! Thanks, Danielle.

  21. Gerri Trent says:

    Wow, I have hiked for 25 years and never had a down jacket. I bet it would be great on my snow hikes.

  22. Deborah Corlett says:

    Wow! I would so love to win this beautiful Eddie Bauer Jacket! Love the color, and all of the great features, and it is just my size! No more wearing my boyfriends (larger, out-dated) jacket!

  23. Linsey says:

    β€’Stows easily
    Packs into left hand pocket that has carabiner clip-in loop!!!! Love this feature and the cut! Eddie Bauer is all about quality and function!

  24. Jana Kirkwood says:

    Wow! Not only does Hiking Lady give awesome hiking advise and safety tips ! But great give always too! I would hike even more if I were chosen to win this jacket! Thanks for all you do!! Happy safe trails!

  25. Elaine says:

    Stunning color, and I’m a Winter so it’s perfect!
    Thanks in advance, should I be the lucky one!

  26. Diana says:

    Downtek, and Eddie Bauer sweet. Pick me. Beautiful jacket, yes I do believe this would make me a happy camper. Peace and love to all. Hike on.

  27. Kathryn Cota says:

    I recently purchased several cloud 1/2 zips and went back for another. Just love them for hiking and cross country skiing as layering. I also purchased a waterproof jacket with pit zips for biking and hiking. Just love Eddie Bauer products. This DownTek jacket would be a nice addition to my collection and is my color to boot!

  28. Sharen says:

    As part of a mid-life “shift,” I have begun hiking and camping in the spirit of Grandma Whitney; would love to win this wonderful jacket as part of my regular gear and clothing! Thank you

  29. bonnie kosmyna says:

    I am cold challenged…sometimes I have to wear two jackets. I am living in the prehistoric age with one of the first generation “puffy jacket” from western mountaineering. would love to move into the 21st century!

  30. Grace says:

    I had an unfortunate incident and my down jacket is now spilling its guts…well, it was temporarily patched up with clear patch tape which is not the most attractive thing. I made it through the winter with the patched jacket, but winning a new down jacket would be awesome to start next winter right!

  31. Roz says:

    Just moved from Texas to Colorado. I need all new clothes. Would love to win this Eddie Bauer Jacket!

  32. Alexandra Krueger says:

    As a new hiker, I am looking to start building up a suitable attire. New coat would be awesome!

  33. rebecca morrow says:

    Never owned a good waterproof jacket this would be a treat then I could do most winter activities

  34. Mara says:

    That is very cool jacket. As a new hiker, I hope I could have a chance to get the jacket. So, it will warm my body to explore mountains in Indonesia. Thanks for the chance. Waiting for the announcement.

  35. ldyhyker says:

    Here is the desert it really gets cold at night, this would be perfect while I’m hiking. I’d sure like a ladies 2x.

  36. David G. says:

    I am the perfect person to win the Eddie Bauer parka! I’m handsome, smart and can be so charming. Me and the Eddie Bauer parka would be a match made in heaven. Oh by the way a men’s large is a perfect fit!

  37. Delpha says:

    Eddie for winter and rain rules the planet, make it super lite and super dry with DOWNTEK , and now Eddie rules the Universe!!!

  38. Janet says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Eddie Bauer products. Building my backpacking inventory now and this would be a great addition.

  39. Pat says:

    I love Eddie Bauer (my closet is full of their clothes) and I would love to win this jacket! I have a number of backpacking trips planned and it would be perfect for use in the Adirondacks.

  40. Sabrina says:

    I would definitely love to have a new puffy! As a avid teen hiker, outdoor gear is expensive but a necessity. I’m going to be a camp counsellor this summer, so I need to start stocking up on gear!

  41. Shannon Thornton says:

    Yes yes yes would love a chance to win a downtex jacket. Me and my guy have hiked for years but this year we are going to start staying in our Hennessey hammocks. We are headed to Yosemite for the first time in August to take on the Half Dome….would love to sport the Eddie Bauer. Hiking in style πŸ˜‰

  42. shelli says:

    I WISH I could wear a size small, but my amazing daughter does!!!
    I would love to win this beauty

  43. Penny says:

    Would have loved to have worn this during our recent visit to the Channel Islands after your recommendation. It was a chilly day and others wore very similar coats. I was chilly. :0(

  44. Tammy B says:

    My twenty year old down coat finally gave out on me this year. Would love to start next season with this beautiful coat with Downtek technology!

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