Hiking Lady’s Workout Routine

Many of you have asked about the best hiking workout routine to increase and maintain trail fitness. How do you keep up your stamina on a tough hike? How do you train when you only have 30 minutes and not enough time to take a hike?

What is Hiking Lady’s Workout Routine?

I have 3 pieces of equipment I use regularly so that on the weekends I’m ready to hit the trail.

Hiking Lady's Workout Routine
Hiking Lady’s Workout Routine

3 days a week I do a BOSU workout, which is an amazing way to develop balance, coordination, and strength. Your core and legs will feel the difference and enable you to power through your weekend hikes.

The other 2 weekdays I do yoga. A new favorite of mine is Gaiam’s yoga DVD: Belly, Butt, & Thighs. It will help keep you limber and release tension in your muscles. Yoga is something I recommend to everyone of all ages and abilities.

Happy workouts and happy trails!

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