Win SolarShield Sunglasses!

SolarShield Sunglasses

SolarShield has been very kind to offer three Hiking Lady readers a chance to win their new SolarShield Sunglasses. These are polarized lens that fit over a pair of prescription sunglasses, which makes them a great choice for hikers who need glasses to see the trail ahead!

Just write a short comment below and you’ll be entered. Thanks SolarShield!

Winners will be chosen June 30, 2014. Good luck!

Happy trails!

Update: Winner Selected!

Congratulations to Barbara Routledge, Belinda Reed, and Julie who won the SolarShield sunglasses. Thank you to everyone who entered, and be sure to enter the July contest!


  1. Julie says:

    Planning some great hiking trips in the next few months and would love to have these to put over my glasses!

  2. Larissa says:

    Would love a pair of these! Would definitely work much better than my gas staion glasses I currently use while hiking

  3. Belinda Reed says:

    I am blind without my glasses and these would make my day of hiking just awesome! GREAT IDEA!

  4. Cindy Knibbs says:

    Hi for the first time I will be hiking rim to rim June 2015. Would love to wear these out on my first journey. Thanks for all the great information.
    I am reading and rereading it all!

  5. Deb Myers says:

    Thank you for all of your great information! I’m 50+ and new to backpacking. I have loved camping for years and am loving this “next step”.

  6. Amanda Dalton says:

    I’ve work prescription glasses whole life and I have always wished I could wear fashionable and practical sunglasses like my friends. If I were to win these they would be my first pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned. And I’d break them in by looking across a glistening lake without squinting in discomfort. PS I’d also share them with my son. He too wears glasses and summer sun and winter snow keeps him from enjoying the outdoors.

  7. Gerri Trent says:

    These would be awesome for summer hiking, but I need them even more for snow hiking. I so sooooo love hiking in the snow!!!!Thanks for the contest.

  8. Linda Gurrie says:

    I would love, love, love these glasses and definitely use them on my next hike into the Grand Canyon in October!!

  9. Kathleen Von Stein says:

    Here’s the thing….I have 10 pairs of sunglassesnd none fit correctly. I need, need, need this sunglasses in order to improve my hiking experience.

  10. Jana Kirkwood says:

    I gave my shades to my faithfull hiking buddy, my dog to protect his eyes while we hiked. I haven’t replaced a pair for me yet! I would love to give these a try while we are out on our treks!
    Thankyou! Happy trekking!

  11. Prachi Chougule says:

    I am going to Yosemite National Park during the July long weekend with a group of 20 people with different nationalities. I am really looking forward to it and I can’t tell how excited I feel. This is going to be my first visit to state park. (I am not from US. I came here two years back to do my MBA). These sunglasses would be so great when I visit Yosemite !!!

  12. Sandy White says:

    Thanks to your great tips, I am pushing the edge even further for my backpacking journeys, planning now to thru hike the AT in the spring next year. These will solve my problems with current sunglasses.

  13. Ginny Apple says:

    These will great when I’m topping some of New Hampshire’s 4,000-footers for the second time around!

  14. Julie Rittenberry says:

    I hate bringing a second pair of prescription sunglasses backpacking. They are always buried deep in the bag. At least with a pair of these I could perch them on top of my head. They look very stylish.

  15. Anna says:

    This is wonderful! I’ve been looking for a pair of polarized glasses to wear over my prescription glasses!

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