Win Tasty Mountain House Camping Meals!

Mountain House Fire Roasted Veggies

Mountain House has been very kind to offer a Hiking Lady reader a chance to win a care package of three Mountain House meals! Anyone who camps or backpacks knows that Mountain House is hands down the tastiest dehydrated meal you can buy. Hiking Lady’s personal favorite is the Veggie Lasagna! Mmmmm!!

Just write a short comment below and you’ll be entered. Thanks Mountain House!

The winner will be chosen July 31, 2014. Good luck!

Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy
Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy

Happy trails!

Update 7/31/14: Winner!

Congratulations to Anne DiBartolomeo who won the Mountain House giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered.


  1. Michelle B says:

    I used Mountain House meals when I took my son to Yellowstone for his “dream” vacation a few years ago. They packed well on the plane and was a tasty campsite dinner after a long day of hiking! These would be great to have for an upcoming backpacking adventure!

  2. Tania E. says:

    This is a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. These would be great for the upcoming Yosemite and Crater Lake trips I am planning.

  3. Lorelyn says:

    I just graduated and discovered backpacking. Broke college student in need of food for my next trip. Thanks!

  4. Keri Rubenstein says:

    My husband and I go out every Sunday on a day hike on various nearby state park trails, but we’ve planned a trip to Denali National Park for our first ever backpacking adventure! We’re planning on trying several dehydrated meals ahead of time at home to make sure we’ll like what we’re eating when we’re out in the wilderness.

  5. Anne DiBartolomeo says:

    I am normally a day hiker but my friend wants me to join her on some overnight hikes. She took me out for a trial hike and shared one of her packaged meals. It was rather bland. Would love to try some new flavors to get the experience off on the right foot.

  6. Dino says:

    My whole family LOVES the MH line. My wife’s fav is the chili mac, my super picky 15 year old daughter and 7 year old son love the beef stroganoff, and I love the beef stew. We take it backpacking, camping, and it’s in our emergency kits at home. Simply the best.

  7. Janet Downes says:

    Doing a rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon in September. These would come in handy:)

  8. Lynette Alber says:

    I have room in my backpack to carry plenty of Mountain House food up Mt Baker next month!!! Any flavor will do!!

  9. Heather says:

    I like their pro packs – great for high altitude hiking! I love Mountain House ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. David LeTourneau says:

    Don’t think I have been on a camping trip in the last three years without at least one Mountain House Meal

  11. Nancy says:

    My husband has 3 major backpack trips this summer and Mountain House comes along whenever he goes. He’s packing for a trip right now and there are 5 meals laying on my couch just waiting to be placed in a backpack. His very favorite: blueberry cheesecake

  12. Linda Visman says:

    Love Mountain House meals. My current two favorites are the breakfast skillet and the chicken salad. Both very yummy.

  13. Kathy T says:

    No matter how much variety of food I bring on a camping trip, I just end up eating mostly Mountain House meals because they’re so yummy and convenient. Other backpacker meal brands can’t compare!

  14. Kelly McBride says:

    I keep hearing good things about Mountain House, hopefully this will be my time to try it.

  15. gina Lopez says:

    We just started prepping and we also do a lot of hiking these meals are so lite weight and easy to prepare…and the ones I have tried are delicious.. Mountain House sent me here ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Mark Leaman says:

    I’m leaving tomorrow for a five day bike tour that starts on the coast of Maine, loops through Pinkham Notch and Fraconia Notch in New Hampshire, and back to the coast of Maine. Thank goodness I’ve got Mountain House food to feed me along the way, and to help keep my pannier loads light.

  17. Daniel Oates says:

    You can’t go wrong with Chili Mac. Soooo delicious. Can’t go wrong with any kind though!

  18. Terry Priest says:

    On a recent backpacking trip in the North Cascades, I had the pleasure a trying out several Mountain House meals. I have to admit to being skeptic, but was amazingly surprised by the experience. Chicken Alfredo and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake we’re definite favorites!

  19. Jeffrey says:

    Day hike or multiple backpacking day hikes, nothing is more rejuvenating then eating a Mountain House Meal. The fact that it’s light weight can make traveling easier . Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. Barb says:

    I took Mountain House packs with me when I went on a 10 day retreat into the northern part of BC, Canada. Interested to try some of the new packs.

  21. Chris says:

    Mountain House meals are the best for the backcountry. I packed a few recently for my Adirondacks High Peaks trip and they were a hit on the trip.

  22. Neesha says:

    We’re backpacking with Mountain House goodies next week in the Enchantments. Thank goodness for the big Costco packs!

  23. stephanie wood says:

    pasta primavera is my absolute favorite! used to eat these even when i wasn’t on a camping trip.

  24. Julie San Pietro says:

    Looking for some quick easy meals for backpacking trips. I have never tried Mountain House, but have heard only good things!

  25. Sue Kozin says:

    I have used Mountain House dinners beef stew and chili mac for several years of camping. The kids always liked them and they are easy to prepare.

  26. Kristi says:

    I’m excited to try this brand on my next hike – which coincidentally is right around the corner!

  27. Melissa says:

    I’ve never had this brand and would love to give it a try on my next hike. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Susan Kerlin says:

    I absolutely love the beef stew, you would never guess it is a package meal. My second favorite is chili mac, so yummy!

  29. Sheila B. says:

    I use Mountain House #10 cans as my emergency food supply. With a 25 year shelf life for the #10 cans, I can by once and forget about it. The best way to have an emergency supply.

  30. cathy says:

    I’m going to try mountain house products my NE t camping trip I hope they are as good as described. I will let you know…

  31. Catherine says:

    Saw some guys eating this stuff at the top of a mountain last weekend and it piqued my curiosity. Would love to try some of the veggie ones!

  32. Julie says:

    This Southerner’s mouth is watering over those Biscuits & Gravy! ๐Ÿ™‚ We love Mountain House- perfect for camping and emergencies.

  33. Marilyn says:

    Since chicken is my only meat choice because of red meat allergies, I use Mountain House Rice and Chicken for almost all of my backpacking meals. Always good, always reliable.

  34. Maya says:

    Oohh, I’ve tried Backpacker’s Pantry, but not Mountain House. I’m always looking for new things to spice up mealtime on the trail

  35. Anna says:

    We’re dayhikers taking up backpacking for the first time this year. Being able to try some new flavors would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

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