Happy Feet!

Preventing Blisters
How to Prevent Blisters Video
What is the best way to keep your feet happy when you’re out hiking, trail running, or adventuring? Wear the right socks and footwear!

February is Hiking Lady’s footwear month!

Pamper Your Feet

Do you want your feet to be happy AND pretty? Then you have to prevent blisters, calluses, and damaged toenails. Here’s a short video: Prevent Blisters!

Wear the Right Footwear!

Make sure your boots and trail running shoes fit YOUR feet. Check out Hiking Lady’s 10 Tips for Mastering Hiking Boot Shopping!

Then take a look at our detailed review of Merrell’s new M-Connect minimalist shoes…this is Merrell’s new lineup of footwear that was inspired by the barefoot running phenomenon.
PowerSox Advanced Dry Socks

Win Quality Socks!

PowerSox Argyle hiking socks PowerSox has partnered with us for the February Hiking Lady contest, so enter for a chance to win a 2 pack of their high quality Advanced Dry PowerSox!

Also check out their PowerSox Women’s Outdoor socks – they’re a bit less bulky than SmartWool and GoodHew, so for those hikers who want a more streamlined pair of wicking socks for your adventures, these are a good option.

Here’s to happy feet! Happy trails 🙂


  1. Kat A. says:

    Those Merrell shoes look interesting! I’m late to the barefoot running phenomenon (I’m actually a little reluctant) but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little curious about it. Maybe I’ll give that a pair a try. Thanks!

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