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SmartWool Socks

SmartWool Light Hiking Socks

I have found that SmartWool hiking socks are the best out there. They wick moisture away from my feet really well (so I never get blisters), are durable, and fit well. Unlike a lot of other wool products on the market, SmartWool doesn’t itch and is soft and comfortable.

SmartWool makes some women’s specific socks, which I find tend to fit even better than their unisex ones. Believe me, I don’t like paying $16.95+ for a pair of socks, but SmartWool is the only sock I’ve found so far that keeps the moisture away from my toes when I’m on multi-day backpacking trips!

Regardless of whether I’m day hiking, backpacking, or snowshoeing, I always wear either Injinji Toe Sock Liners or SmartWool Sock Liners underneath these socks reviewed below.

SmartWool Light Cushion Hiking Socks

SmartWool Light Cushion Hiking Socks SmartWool Light Cushion Hiking Socks: I wear these Light Hiking Socks when I’m on dayhikes. This pair is women’s specific, so not as bulky as unisex SmartWool socks.

SmartWool Medium Cushion Socks

SmartWool Medium Cushion Socks SmartWool Medium Cushion Socks: I wear these Women’s specific SmartWool Medium Cushion Hiking Socks when I’m backpacking.

SmartWool Mountaineering Socks

SmartWool Mountaineering Socks SmartWool Mountaineering Socks: For winter snowshoe trips, I always turn to my SmartWool Mountaineer Socks. They are highly cushioned, so really warm and comfortable. They come up to your calf, which is nice when you’re wearing mountaineering boots. Whenever I’m wearing my La Sportiva mountaineering boots, I’m wearing my Smart Wool Mountaineering socks too!

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