JetBoil 100g Fuel

JetBoil Fuel

This is the trusty fuel I take along with me for my JetBoil Personal Cooking System. I’ve used it in negative 5 degree temperatures and it worked great!

If you are looking to “refuel” I’d recommend stocking up so you aren’t short in advance of a last minute trip.

I always take 2 cans with me on every trip as a safety precaution. Plus, it is nice to have extra fuel at home to give me peace of mind in case there is a power outage or a California earthquake. It’s nice knowing that with my JetBoil I’ll at least be able to have hot meals and a cup of tea in an emergency!

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi J Baker, Yes, I think your math is approximately correct. Since a 100g canister can boil 12L of water, and you should be drinking at least 3L per day and need at least 1L for cooking, 1 canister will last you about 3 days. Keep in mind that you can buy larger canisters as well, which will be more convenient if you are going on a 30 day trip. That sounds like quite the adventure! Have fun!

  2. j.baker says:

    i was given the impression that the 100g fuel can lasts 2 hrs and it takes 15 minutes to boil water. therefore, i figure 2 meals a day = 40 min fuel usage and 1 can may last 3 days, so a 30 day trip would need 10 cans? i’ll find out anyway. one interesting thing i found out, that is really just common sense, is that if you place a full can in water, it completely floats. meaning that the water would measure at the bottom of the can. after using it and placing the can in water again, the water will measure further up the can. the can will be more under water.

  3. Hiking Lady says:

    Hey Snowrider! Yes, the fuel fits inside the cooking system as well. The JetBoil really is a backpacker friendly design – light weight AND compact. JetBoil claims a 100g canister will boil 12 liters of water (50 Cups) but to plan 10 liters (42 cups) to be on the safe side. Unless I’m melting snow and boiling it for water while snow camping, I have always been fine with just one canister. One canister tends to last me about 2-3 trips that are 3 days each. I use my SteriPEN to treat stream water, so I generally just use the JetBoil for boiling water for meals. If you are traveling with someone for a 3-4+ day trip, I’d take 2 canisters along, just to be on the safe side. Happy trails!

  4. Snowrider says:

    Hi there! Does the JB fuel pack inside the cooking system like all the other pieces? And how long does the 100 g canister last? Thanks!!

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