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Shoe Pedometer As discussed in Hiking 101: Pedometers, there are several types of pedometers – ones that can be worn clipped to your waist, others that can be attached to a backpack, and of course those that are worn on your shoes.

A shoe pedometer refers to pedometers that measure your steps and distance traveled from a chip placed inside your shoe, as well as those with a chip that can be clipped to your shoelaces.

While outdoor GPS units are still the most accurate way to measure the distance you’ve traveled, pedometers are an inexpensive alternative if you are primarily focused on distance traveled. For runners, shoe pedometers are definitely a better option because of their size and convenience.

Shoe Pedometer Shopping Tips

  • Waterproof? A shoe pedometer is bound to get wet and dirty if you strap it to your laces! Definitely make sure the chip is durable and waterproof.
  • Weight. Since you’ll be wearing your shoe pedometer attached to your shoe or boot, you want one that is lightweight. Otherwise it will be noticeable with every step…
  • Features. All of the tips from Hiking 101: Pedometers apply!

What is the Best Shoe Pedometer?:

Nike+ iPod Sport Kit Nike+ iPod Sport Kit: This is by far the best option if you walk or jog with an iPod Nano. The Sport Kit costs under $30, and if don’t have Nike shoes you can either cut a small space in your insole to place the sensor, or else attach it to the outside of your shoe with a small case.

Nike+ Sport Band Shoe Pedometer Nike+ SportBand: If you don’t have an iPod Nano, then the best option is the Nike+ shoe pedometer that includes the sport band. This is a little pricier (about $60), but it is far cheaper than going out and buying an iPod Nano! I like to glance down at the sport band during my trail runs and check my progress. After a day of walking, hiking, or jogging, detach the wristband, and then simply place it in the USB port of your computer. It will have all of the information on distance traveled, calories burned, and your pace. Pretty cool! Nike+ Sport Band Shoe Pedometer.

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi, if you cut a small hole in the insole you won’t even notice it. If you are using stiffer insoles like Superfeet you can put it underneath the insole and you probably won’t notice it that much. Thanks for the good question!

  2. Belinda says:

    Good info on choosing a shoe pedometer. Thanks! Will I feel the Nike sensor in my shoes when I run?

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